Ask the vet – Sally walks again after spine op

Corinne and Leigh with Sally.

Corinne and Leigh with Sally. - Credit: Archant

Sally, a loveable crossbred dachshund, needed urgent surgery for her rapidly progressing paraplegia to help stem the deterioration of her hind limbs.

MRI scans

MRI scans - Credit: Archant

After advice, her owners, Corinne and Leigh, immediately booked Sally in for MRI scans, which revealed a ruptured intervertebral disc in her mid-back.

The ruptured disc had passed into her spinal canal and had begun to dangerously compress her spinal cord. Sally passed directly from MRI into one of our operating theatres for emergency spinal decompression.

Without this surgery, she might have become permanently paraplegic. She underwent a hemilaminectomy, a very delicate spinal surgery that enables the spinal cord to be exposed at the affected area to facilitate removal of the ruptured disc material.

The surgery went very smoothly and Sally recovered from her anaesthetic. Over the course of the following few weeks, her spinal cord gradually healed.

“Sally is doing so well I can not thank you enough,” said Corinne. “It’s brilliant to see her run again and back to her normal self.”

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