6 of the best Christmas accompaniments in Cheshire

Orsom Blue, Joseph Heler Cheese

Orsom Blue, Joseph Heler Cheese - Credit: Archant

We’ve scoured Cheshire to discover dreamy treats for your Christmas dining

ChilliJAMjaro, Bongo's Rock and Roll Chillis

Company founder Bongo, aka original Tears for Fears drummer Manny Elias, was born in Calcutta and grew up eating chillis with his morning glass of lassi. He - and a number of rock star friends - love this ChilliJAMjaro for the past 20 years. Its name was even thought up on a tour bus. It's a hot, sweet and tangy chilli jam. It's a milder taste but you'll still get a lovely kick at the end. Pair it with a baked camembert, salmon or roast lamb.

£4.50, 200g jar



Smoked Wincle Trout, Cheshire Smokehouse

The ideal taster on your festive buffet table, this fabulous fish, which comes from Danebridge Fisheries, is lightly cured and then cold smoked over oak and beech chips before being hot smoked by the team at Cheshire Smokehouse. Pair it with good bread, lemon and horseradish.

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£5 per whole fish.



Christmas pies, The Hollies Farm Shop

This Cheshire institution knows how to do Christmas food - and a Cheshire Christmas at that. Their counters, shelves and displays at their farm shops in Lower Stretton and Little Budworth groan with the best food from all corners of the county. Their Christmas pies - a must order item - come topped with cranberries, filled with chicken and dried apricots and there's a game and poultry pie, too.

Various sizes and prices



Mince pie peanut butter, Funky Nut Company

This small Birkenhead company produce a dizzying variety of natural and flavoured nut butters and snacks. For Christmas they release their popular mince pie flavour that is perfect for that alternative Christmas nibble. It's thick and gooey and packed with actual mince pie filling. Spread it generously on your toast on Christmas morning.

From £2.99.



Duck and Hunters Gin Parfait, The Pate and Wine Company

Based in the heart of Cheshire, and selling at farmers markets, this small scale company produces delicious homemade pâté. Their award winning products are crammed with locally sourced produced foods - and gin. The Duck & Hunters Gin Parfait is a showstopper but also make sure to try their Creamy Cheshire Smoked Trout Pâté and Spiced Red Lentil. The added bonus? They also supply incredible wines from the Loire region of France.



Orsom Blue, Joseph Heler Cheese

It just wouldn't be Christmas without a cheeseboard and this Orsom Blue - one of a range of artisan cheeses made by the Hatherton company - is one that delivers. Mellow and smooth it has lovely, buttery flavours and wonderfully mature and moreish taste. Now, where are those crackers?



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