How to make a countryside Christmas wreath

Finished wreath

Finished wreath - Credit: Archant

Florist Louise Ford inspires with a step-by-guide to a wow-factor festive wreath for your home

lou ford in her studio in Knaresborough

lou ford in her studio in Knaresborough - Credit: Archant

You may or may not be one of those people who gets excited by the prospect of a bit of festive foraging with the secateurs. If you are, Louise Ford is here to inspire.

'Lou' has just moved to a studio in Knaresborough after running a floristry business in Harrogate - 4Seasons Flowers - for 11 years. Earlier this year she was asked to create the flowers for winners of the UCI cycle races in the county, quite an honour.

'It was crazy - nine days and 140 bouquets! It was such an honour - they left the designs up to me and I did white roses, lots of greenery and trailing ribbons in the UCI colours,' says Lou.

Now the festive season is upon us and Lou is in demand from her regular customers who love her to come and sprinkle some floral cheer acround their homes.

She's also looking forward to a few festive weddings.

We asked Lou to give us some tips on creating a knockout wreath at home.

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'I love rustic and natural,' she says.

'It's nice to forage from the garden then mix it with bits picked up from your florist as well as fruit and pine cones. I like a traditional frame of wire and moss which is more natural than a foam ring which is not biodegradable'.

She makes it look so easy, so gardening gloves at the ready… will need

Pheasant feather, sticks or whatever details you choose

Pheasant feather, sticks or whatever details you choose - Credit: Archant

1 × wreath ring

Moss - sphagnum moss, kept damp. Refresh it with a spray bottle

Reel wire

Stub wires for individual flowers

Good scissors and secateurs for woody foliage

Sprigs or foliage

See what the garden has to offer. Lou suggests conifer, cotonester (red berries), holly and ivy.

Spruce and eucalyptus are worth getting from a florist - they add a different bluey colour tone - 'think about textures': Herbs such as rosemary or something more exotic to make a real statement

Cinnamon stick bundles, dried fruit, sprigs from the florist, pine cones and pheasant feathers (her dad shoots…)

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