Fashion Graduate Series: Brooke Tippett

Brooke's 'Rar' collection

Brooke's 'Rar' collection - Credit: Archant

We’ve teamed up with Plymouth College of Art to showcase their BA (Hons) Fashion students’ amazing graduate collections

Brooke Tippett

Brooke Tippett - Credit: Archant

After a brief hiatus, we return to looking at Plymouth College of Art’s fashion graduates. The latest Devon-based graduate to give us a look at their stunning collection is Brooke Tippett.

Brooke’s graduate collection, ‘Rar’, was inspired by the great British explorers of the Heroic Age of Exploration. She focussed on the Plymothian Captain, Robert Falcon Scott and his aid, Ernest Shackleton.

“I discovered an era of bravery, determination, adventure, conquest and tragedy,” she says.

“Their stories led me to decipher the impact that the unforgiving environment and the arduous tasks and duties would have had on the explorers. This introduced me to the notion of ‘Rar’ - a state of ‘Arctic madness’.

‘Rar’ is a sophisticated womenswear collection that features muted colours and layers of opposing fabrics. Garments and accessories can be mixed and matched, making it a versatile collection that is strong and dramatic in shape.

“My collection is my vision of a certain type of madness,” she explains. “My fabrics reflect the nature of the hostile environments and their contrasts.”

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Cornwall-born Brooke felt Plymouth was the perfect place to hone her design skills and embark on a busy fashion career. She has stayed in the city since graduating and intends to start her own business creating fur garments and accessories from new furs.

Brooke also hopes to modify and recycle vintage furs, creating one-off and bespoke pieces under the brand name ‘Brave’.

To view Brooke’s ‘Rar’ collection, click on the image gallery.