10 vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Norwich

There are lots of options for vegetarians and vegans in Norwich (photo: Getty Images)

There are lots of options for vegetarians and vegans in Norwich (photo: Getty Images) - Credit: Archant

It can sometimes be hard to find a good meal as a vegan or even a vegetarian, but Norwich has embraced the plant-based way of life and offers a plethora of vegetarian and vegan eateries to choose from. We have chosen ten places to eat in Norwich for herbivores

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Namaste India

2A Opie Street

Nestled away just off London Street, Namaste India is an authentic Gujarati Indian restaurant with a completely vegetarian menu with many options for vegans too. Richly flavoured with spices and classic flavours from North and South India, Gujarat, Mumbai, and Punjab, food at Namaste India is irresistible. There is no alcohol on sale but you can bring your own for a corkage charge – or perhaps indulge in a sweet and spiced masala chai.

What to order: flaky samosas to share before tucking into a Chana Masala, or a cashew nut curry. Desserts include traditional Indian ice cream and the ‘Vegan Heaven’ consisting of rice pudding topped with mango, roasted cashews and almonds.

Vegetarian score: 10/10; vegan score: 8/10

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Namaste Village

131 Queens Road

After the success of Namaste India, the next venture for the team at Namaste was a vibrant 150 seat restaurant, Namaste Village. Located on Queens Road, the Village has the same tantalising Indian dishes but also has plenty of events too including cookery classes, street food evenings and Indian dance nights.

What to order: served with spiced lentil soup and coconut chutney, the south Indian menu consists of filled dosas - India’s answer to the burrito - with spiced potato and vegetables in a crisp pancake-style flatbread.

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Vegetarian score: 10/10; vegan score: 8/10

River Green Café

The Street, Trowse

Just a few minutes’ drive outside of Norwich in the lovely village of Trowse is River Green Café, the vegetarian restaurant which specialises in organic and locally sourced food and drink. With a dedication to ethical business decisions including reducing packaging and waste; and making sure food and drink is ethically sourced from local producers, you can feel good about your decision to enjoy some delicious food and locally brewed ales at River Green.

What to order: the delectable mushroom wellington with fennel, shallot and spinach and a watercress sauce is served with seasonal vegetables and a choice of potatoes – delicious! Keep an eye on the ever changing specials board too.

Vegetarian score: 10/10; vegan score: 7/10

Moorish Falafel Bar

17 Lower Goat Lane

Focusing on falafel and salads, this little place serves delicious vegetarian food and vegan cakes and coffee too. This is the perfect place to grab a pita stuffed with fresh vegetables, hummus and falafel to enjoy on your lunch break or while wandering the pretty Norwich Lanes.

What to order: customise your pita or salad box with tasty extras including feta, olives, guacamole, salsa, baba ganoush and much more.

Vegetarian score: 10/10; vegan score: 8/10

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Loving Hut

28 Cattle Market Street

Loving Hut is an international vegan fast food chain restaurant with a branch in the centre of Norwich. Using non-GMO, organic, and locally sourced vegetables and produce, the Loving Hut philosophy is that we should all adopt a plant based diet to solve world hunger and global warming. With a focus on international cuisines, there will be something to suit everyone here.

What to order: everything! It’s a Chinese-style buffet so fill up with whatever you want.

Vegetarian score: 10/10; vegan score: 10/10

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Bia Vegan Diner

Row B 54/55, Norwich Market

Located in the iconic, colourful marketplace is Bia Vegan Diner, the vegan American-style diner. The takeaway joint serves lunch time bites made with food that couldn’t be more locally sourced – the market itself! With lots of exciting treats that even the most discerning meat eater will enjoy, Bia’s selection is perfect to grab and go.

What to order: mouth watering treats include mac and cheese, hoagies, burgers, wraps, burritos, the katsu curry box with breaded tofu; a Philly cheesesteak with beef-style pieces, mixed peppers and cheese sauce in a tiger sub; or the popular pulled jackfruit bap bursting with slow-cooked jack fruit and drenched with sweet sticky BBQ sauce and a red cabbage coleslaw in a garlic toasted bun – goodbye hunger!

Vegetarian score: 10/10; vegan score: 10/10

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12 Pottergate

Tucked away in Pottergate is Tofurei, the coffee shop, ‘micro soya dairy’ and deli that is 100% vegan. Expect coffees made with vegan milks including freshly made soya milk, a deli counter packed with meat substitutes such as veg burgers, tofu and ‘soysages’, and lots of decadent vegan cakes. Tofurei also stocks vegan One Planet Pizza pizzas and the full range of award winning Tyne Chease.

What to order: why not grab a ‘soysage’ roll, sandwich or slice of cake to enjoy with your coffee or a Solkiki white chocolate hot chocolate?

Vegetarian score: 10/10; vegan score: 10/10

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Ancestors Coffee

27 Magdalen Street

With fresh, minimal interior design, Ancestors Coffee is an inviting café serving good coffee and plenty of exciting vegan food. Whether you want to grab a coffee or smoothie to go or hang about and enjoy a bowl of healthy goodness, Ancestors will have you covered.

What to order: tuck into a Buddha bowl, full to the brim with colourful vegetables, chickpeas, avocado, nut butter and tofu in many different variations. For those with a sweet tooth, an acai smoothie bowl might be just what you need; expect blended fruits topped with granola, chia, coconut flakes and more!

Vegetarian score: 10/10; vegan score: 10/10

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The Tipsy Vegan

68-70 St Benedicts Street

Bia Vegan Diner’s second venture is The Tipsy Vegan. Food at The Tipsy Vegan aims to emulate meaty and dairy favourites as the owners came to veganism not because they hated the taste of meat and dairy but because they found the meat, dairy and egg industries to be cruel.

What to order: without compromising on taste, expect decadent dishes such as the buffalo blue cheese burger, Goan curry, bourbon-glased BBQ tempeh ribs and ‘speak easy’ style cocktails to boot.

Vegetarian score: 10/10; vegan score 10/10

KindaKafe and Shop

23 Castle Meadow

The KindaKafe is dedicated to kindness, included in its food, with its customer service and its work in the community. Completely vegetarian and with plenty of vegan and gluten free options too, this café is part of the Missing King Charity, hoping to create a kinder world. Serving tempting breakfasts and hearty lunches too, visit this social hub for an uplifting experience.

What to order: if you visit for breakfast, you can indulge in sweet buckwheat pancakes with fresh fruit and syrup; or duck in for lunch and find a Vietnamese noodle salad; sweet potato falafels with hummus and roast vegetables; or a large rainbow salad, packed with healthy ingredients.

Vegetarian score: 10/10; vegan score: 9/10

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Little Shop of Vegans

139 Magdalen Street

Doing exactly what it says on the tin, Little Shop of Vegans sells clothes with vegan slogans, gifts for the vegan (or non vegan!) in your life, and tasty pastries and cakes too. Other gifts include bath bombs, vegan-friendly perfume, and books.

What to order: pick up some confectionary such as Anandas gelatine-free marshmallows in an array of flavours including caramel, raspberry and mocha. You can find frozen pizzas and ready meals to take away too.

Vegan score: 10/10


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