Instead of the summer BBQ, why not go all out and impress your guests with some tasty treats whipped up in your new outdoor kitchen?

“It’s the perfect way to make the most of the good weather, spend quality time with friends and family and try out new recipes,” shares Steve Vanhinsbergh, director of stoneCIRCLE, a stonemasonry in Basingstoke.

Below Steve reveals why an outdoor kitchen is a must-have for your garden this summer and how to build an idyllic space to cook and dine in using natural stone.

Q: Why have an outdoor kitchen?

A: It enables you to cook practically anything while enjoying the outdoors, can help you save money on eating out and will make entertaining a breeze.

Q: What material should you use for your outdoor kitchen worktops?

A: Whatever material you decide upon, it will need to be durable, easy to maintain and weather-resistant. For these reasons, natural stone is the ideal choice for your outdoor kitchen countertops.

It’s simple to clean, looks good and will remain looking its best for years. We specialise in creating bespoke worktops built to your specifications. We can cut the stone in any shape or size you need, ensuring it will fit your garden perfectly.

Why not consider installing a stone tabletop as well to create a beautiful outdoor seating area large enough for all your loved ones?

Q: What’s the best natural stone to use for your outdoor kitchen surfaces?

A: Granite is the best option to use outside. The dramatic black and gold veining of Belvedere granite is ideal for adding flair to your space. If you fancy a more rustic garden kitchen, Ivory Fantasy, a beige granite with brown and black striated patterns, will introduce charm and warmth to the area. 

We offer a wide range of granite which comes in a variety of shades, patterns and finishes, making it easy to find one that suits your style and taste.

Q: Where should you place an outdoor cooking area?

A: It’s a good idea to build your outdoor kitchen relatively close to your backdoor – this will make it easier to transport items and more convenient when preparing food. It will also need to be situated close to where water, gas and electricity can be easily accessed so any installed appliances will operate smoothly.

Great British Life: The black and gold veining of Belvedere granite is ideal for creating a striking outdoor kitchenThe black and gold veining of Belvedere granite is ideal for creating a striking outdoor kitchen (Image: stoneCIRCLE)

Q: What three appliances would you recommend putting in an outdoor kitchen?

A: My top three picks would be:   

  • An outdoor kitchen sink – you could choose a built-in natural stone sink to match your countertops, and ensure your outdoor space is clean and convenient to use.
  • A good quality grill – this is a must-have when cooking for multiple guests.
  • A weatherproof fridge – to ensure you have ample storage space for food, condiments and drinks.

Q: What tasty summer dishes can I prepare in my new outdoor space?

A: An outdoor kitchen provides far more flexibility than a BBQ and will ensure you’re fully equipped to try out new recipes and experiment with fresh ingredients.

For more inspiration, you can explore our new cookbook, which is free to anyone that purchases a worktop with us. We’ve worked with Michelin-starred chef Lorenzo Salami and Masterchef semi-finalist Greg Emerson, to create a collection of stunning recipes you can enjoy creating in your brand-new outdoor kitchen.

We’ll also be releasing a series of videos on our website hosted by Donna Thacker from Seriously Good Food. They'll demonstrate some of the dishes being prepared in real-time in the stoneCIRCLE factory yard on our temporary cooking station. You can watch the first one, Lorenzo preparing Tuna Tartare now.

It’s also a great chance for you to check out some of the natural stones we offer to see which one you’d like to use in your own outdoor space!

Visit to find out more and get your outdoor kitchen ready in time for summer.