For Monday to Saturday, porridge is a fine way to begin the day. But Sunday mornings are made for a proper breakfast, ideally made by someone else.

There is no shortage of venues offering something to kick-start your day, so Mrs C did a pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey exercise and declared that we would be going to Number 14 in Wroxham. Even in winter this Broads gateway town is busy, and we were a shade fortunate to squeeze into Number 14 just as a table was being vacated.

It didn’t stop a chap from slipping in a trying to sneak in and pinch it from us. But I gave him my full Paddington stare and he slunk away, defeated.

The menu is as simple for breakfast as you like; Mrs C, as ever, took on the vegetarian option (with extra hash browns. She loves a hash brown). I was in the mood for tradition, so took the full English - there is an upsized version if you have the appetite.

It is all cooked to order, so we had a leisurely, and very pleasant, coffee while we waited. With hindsight a Sunday paper would have been a good idea, but it arrived just before Mrs C started to get hangry, which was a blessing.

It was pretty decent, across the board. The chipolatas were especially good and the business of popping the baked beans in their own little pot is a good way of keeping them piping hot.

Being picky, I’d have preferred back bacon to streaky, but to be fair the very reasonable price would have mitigated against that, I suspect. The veggie bits were acclaimed, and Mrs C did a swap so I could bag a hash brown as well. What a legend.

Worth mentioning Number 14’s excellent cakes; a couple of slices of ‘cup of tea’ cake came home with us and were welcome top-ups on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Our review visits are unannounced, and we pay for our meals.