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Health and Happiness

Health and Happiness - Credit: Archant

Get your fix of the juice cleanse trend from this Hitchin-based juice company

Most of us spend January trying (and failing) to keep our new year’s resolution to be healthier, so now might be a good time to discover Hitchin-based juice company Health and Happiness.

Its founder, Amy Huggins, was a self-confessed ‘Prosecco-swigging, steak-eating, sugar-addicted party girl’ until she was diagnosed with a chronic illness. Seeking help from a nutritionist, she was blown away by the changes healthy eating made to her health, so much so that she undertook a degree in nutritional healing and founded Health and Happiness in 2014.

Her juices are all made from locally-sourced organic and seasonal ingredients. Popular flavours include Beet This, Pretty Greens and Milk and Cookies, which has almonds and avocado and tastes like chocolate milkshake.

Whereas supermarket juices are mostly pasteurised or heat-treated, which removes the health-boosting enzymes, Huggins’ juices are all cold-pressed and raw. ‘The secret ingredient in my juices is love,’ she says, ‘Every juice is pressed by hand in my kitchen by myself and my small team of juice genies.’

Customers have reported benefits ranging from weight loss to higher energy, better sleep and easing the symptoms of illnesses such as irritable bowel syndrome, Huggins says.

The most popular way people use the drinks is in a 3-5 day juice cleanse. Huggins says as juicing is very powerful, she works closely with clients to prepare their bodies and prevent any ill effects, Other users drink the juices to supplement their regular diets and top up their vitamin intake.

Juices can be bought directly from the Health and Happiness website, healthandhappinessnutrition.com, or from the company’s Facebook page.

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A crate of juices starts at £25, and full cleanses start at £200.

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