How Kingston’s Beanberry Coffee Company is leading the way for sustainability in Surrey

The company opened its first coffee bar in Kingston in 2016

The company opened its first coffee bar in Kingston in 2016 - Credit: Archant

With a roastery in Woking and coffee bar in Kingston upon Thames, Beanberry Coffee Company has introduced a world of flavour into the county

The beans are roasted in Woking

The beans are roasted in Woking - Credit: Archant

This article was written prior to lockdown and all information should be checked before you make your visit

One coffee business already doing great work in the area of environmental sustainability is Kingston-based Beanberry Coffee Company.

Founded by Edward Grace, the independent firm is an organic coffee roaster, wholesaler and retailer with its own roasting facilities in Woking and coffee bars in Kingston and Holborn.

“My love of coffee comes from my mother. Coffee has always had a very important place in my family. It was the centrepiece of every family conversation and the crowning jewel of every dinner party,” enthuses Edward.

But it was a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina in 2011 that inspired Edward to launch his own coffee business.

There he experienced the speciality organic coffee scene and developed a desire to bring its great taste and benefits to the UK.

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“From then on, my approach to coffee quality has always been to encompass the full circle of coffee fundamentals from cup quality to ethics, sustainability, and the health of growers and consumers alike,” he says.

The company sources speciality grade organic Arabica green beans from Central and South America and East Africa that are roasted in a traditional small batch drum in Woking.

“We decided to roast beans on demand to ensure the coffee we deliver to our customers is as fresh as it can possibly be.

“As coffee retains its quality at its absolute best for about two weeks after roasting, all of our coffee is bagged for freshness immediately after roasting and shipped within five days of the roasting date to ensure it arrives tasting its best,” Edward explains.

According to Beanberry, coffee is the third most sprayed agricultural crop in the world behind cotton and tobacco, so using organic beans is something that is extremely important to Edward.

“The coffee grown in accordance with organic practices is ecologically pure and has no traces of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides grown into the beans. It also encourages sustainability and environmentally-friendly organic farming, helping make a healthier planet,” he says.

Edward opened his first coffee bar in Kingston in 2016 and this year opened his second in Holborn, London.

At the Kingston venue there is an espresso bar that serves four different espressos in a variety of beverages, and a drip bar with a range of seasonal single origin filter coffees.

Beanberry’s full range of freshly roasted organic beans are also available and, if needed, can be ground to people’s preferred brewing method.

When asked what his favourite brew is, Edward says it’s his “Javascript Espresso” for its “ever present spirit that is all about sweetness, body, balance and lingering aftertaste”.

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