CAMRA countdown to Community Pubs Month

Over 5,500 pubs signed up to participate in a new national campaign

April will mark the very first Community Pubs Month, launched by St Albans-based, CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale. More than 5,500 pubs have signed up to participate in the month-long initiative.

Community Pubs Month is taking place at a time when 16 pubs are shutting their doors across Britain each week. With CAMRA investing significant campaigning funds into the campaign, the aims of Community Pubs Month are to increase footfall in pubs, to encourage more publicans to promote new or existing events to attract further trade, and to spread awareness of community pubs.

Launching on Monday April 2, 2012 with Community Pubs Day, CAMRA is will be championing pub going and announcing its local Pubs of the Year, which have recently been judged by CAMRA’s 200+ local branches.

The dedicated website for the Month – – is geared up to give pubs free publicity through listing any events licensees have planned throughout the month of April. Pubs signing up to the Month will be given free promotional material to help promote their events, whether it be the regular weekly pub quiz or a big one-off charity bash to get the community together.

So far, CAMRA is pleased to see a whole host of fun events being advertised by pubs to take place this April. From Easter egg hunts to Nintendo Wii competition nights, movie screenings to karaoke nights, many pubs across Britain are planning exciting new events to toast Community Pubs Month.

Tony Jerome, CAMRA Head of Marketing, said, ‘We know how hard many pubs are having to work in the current climate in order to stay afloat. One of the key drivers of Community Pubs Month is therefore to shout out loud about the many different ways pubs support their local communities by offering a wide range of events that engage local people and encourage them to come together.’

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