Christmas Cocktail - French Kiss Under The Mistletoe

A cocktail puts the fizz into any party. Award-winning bartender Urcino Garcia Hernandez of Francs in Chester has created this delicious cocktail for Cheshire Life

 Award-winning bartender Urcino Garcia Hernandez has created this delicious cocktail for Cheshire Life.

I’m calling this cocktail ‘French Kiss Under the Mistletoe’ says Francs’ bartender Urcino Garcia Hernandez.

Urcino explained his inspiration behind his creation: ‘Armagnac is a grape-based spirit so it not only provides a backbone and structure for the drink but also fruit flavour and a spiciness from its time spent in oak, which adds to the Christmas feel of the drink.

‘The drink is based on a flip old drink with egg yolk similar to the famous Christmas eggnog. Egg yolk binds the drink while lemon juice cuts through the richness. Elderflower liquor gives it the fruit, and the anise and tarragon the complexity. Vermouth gives the drink a silky quality.’


35ml Armagnac 15m Llillet Blanc French vermouth 15ml Saint Germain Elderflower liquor from the French town of Saint Germain 15ml Fresh lemon juice 15ml Sugar syrup 3 pieces of Star anise 1 sprig of Tarragon 1 egg yolk

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Shake and strain into a martini glass with Tarragon sprig and star anise to garnish. Cheers!

Urcino was Chester Bartender of the year 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007 and won CUBAS 2011 cocktail encyclopedia award.

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