Cornish pasties are the nation’s most recognised Geographic Indication product


Pasties - Credit: Archant

Think of Cornwall and you probably think beaches, but for many of us top of the list is that pastry-wrapped perfection that is the Cornish pasty

Research has found that Cornish pasties are the UK's most widely recognised Geographic Indication (GI) product. While the clue is in the name, the Cornish pasty holds GI protection that means only those made in Cornwall can call themselves it.

The latest research shows that 90 per cent of people surveyed across the UK were familiar with Cornish pasties and more than half were aware that they are protected by the coveted GI status,

Cornish pasties top the league of more than 70 GI products in the UK, and ahead of Jersey Royal potatoes and Scotch whisky in second and third place respectively.

The Cornish Pasty Assocation (CPA) raises awareness of the Cornish pasty's special status. Among its endeavours are the annual Cornish Pasty Week and #pastysmile campaign, along with the Eden Project's annual World Pasty Championships.

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