Dewlay’s in Garstang - keeping the tradition of Lancashire cheeses alive

Alison Hull at Dewlay Cheese Shop

Alison Hull at Dewlay Cheese Shop - Credit: Archant

Every week seems to be a special week for something or other – beds, science and silver all have their own weeks – but British Cheese Week is one we can all get our teeth into, and it is of particular significance in Garstang where cheese is big business.

Dewlay managing director Nick Kenyon with some of the company's latest awards

Dewlay managing director Nick Kenyon with some of the company's latest awards - Credit: not Archant

Conor Daunt and Ian Coggin from Dewlay Cheese Makers

Conor Daunt and Ian Coggin from Dewlay Cheese Makers - Credit: Archant

Dewlay’s have been making cheese in the town for 60 years and the family firm is now run by the third generation. There’s no resting on their laurels here, though, they’re still developing and have recently added a visitor centre and shop to their site a mile or so outside the town centre. You can’t miss it, it’s the place with the giant wind turbine.

They make a range of cheeses including the three Lancashires, a trio of cheddars, red Leicester, double Gloucester and Garstang blue - they even make cheese wedding cakes.

Dewlay’s Conor Daunt said: ‘While cheese is made in much the same way as it was 60 years ago, the way consumers enjoy Lancashire cheese has changed a lot. In the early days, our cheese was sold through traditional markets and independent cheese shops, typically in large cloth bound traditional wheels.

‘While cheese is still sold and enjoyed in this way, consumers can also now enjoy Dewlay cheese grated, sliced and in wedges and it is now available all over the world.

‘Our cheese shop and viewing gallery opened last year, where customers can learn about the history of Lancashire cheese, watch our cheesemakers at work and sample some of our award winning cheese.

‘Since the shop and gallery opened, we’ve seen huge demand for cheese and wine nights, eesemaking classes, guided tours and so on, so our aim is to continue developing this side of the Dewlay business.’

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Lancashire Hour

Conor Daunt is also the founder of the popular #Lancashirehour which runs every Thursday on twitter between 8pm and 9pm.

The online networking event, founded in July 2012 was set up for local businesses to find new business and followers through twitter.

Conor said ‘It’s very informal and we don’t have structured subjects to be “discussed” so it’s as close to a real-life in person networking event that you can get.’

‘We get approx 100 new followers each week and it’s really growing in popularity.’

You may also spot the latest news and offers from Lancashire Life so do make sure you start following the #lancashirehour hashtag every Thursday evening.

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