Rockfish overcomes Lockdown 2 with unique harbourside fish market

Rockfish chef director Kirk Gosden outside the new retail fish market. Photo: Rockfish

Rockfish chef director Kirk Gosden outside the new retail fish market. Photo: Rockfish - Credit: Archant

Fresh catches will be on sale every day outside restaurant

Its restaurant doors may be shut for Lockdown 2, but Rockfish has opened a retail fish market in Brixham.

It’s a novel idea, where you can buy fish almost as if you’ve popped into the town’s nearby working fish market and auction itself. The ‘shop’, which is open from Wednesday to Saturday, is on the harbourside, underneath the Rockfish seafood restaurant, and next door to where the boats land their fish.

It’s not like a normal fishmonger, as all of the fish is presented on ice in boxes; there is no display counter, the idea being to capture the feel of a working fish market. This also means that the fish is as fresh as it can be, having been landed each day, prepared in a facility next door and walked over to the shop each morning.

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There will be a selection of whole fish, filleted fish, tranches, steaks and portions and, to make it easy for home cooking, everything will be trimmed, gutted and prepared ready to cook.

In addition to selling catch from the Brixham fish auction, the Rockfish shop will sell fish from its own boat, Rockfisher, which is out at sea whenever the weather allows along the southern coast seaboard.

During lockdown the Rockfish retail fish market is operating a click and collect service. Customers can go online each morning from 7am, see what’s been landed, order and pay and then collect later in the day. From 3 December, or when restrictions are lifted, people will be able to visit the shop – although click and collect will still be available.

Rockfish has always championed using local seafood and has five restaurants along the South Devon coast, along with two in Dorset, all in seaside towns where there is a local fishing industry.

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