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French Onion Soup @ Brasserie Abode

French Onion Soup @ Brasserie Abode - Credit: Archant

Newly launched at the Abode Hotel on Manchester’s Piccadilly, Brasserie Abode offers simple, beautifully cooked dishes and classic cocktails in a very stylish setting.

Beef Carpacio Salad @ Gusto

Beef Carpacio Salad @ Gusto - Credit: Archant

The concept behind Brasserie Abode is very simple: keep it simple and concentrate on your guest. What this means for us, the guests, is feeling very looked after indeed.

The entry to the Brasserie is fabulously stylish; you can pass an entire evening here, people watching as new arrivals stroll the specially designed ‘cat walk’ to the bar, and work your way through the deceptively short cocktail list. I say deceptive, because it seems that at the moment cocktail menus are page after page of crazy concoctions, loaded with foliage and ingredients you’ve never heard of. Here, the opposite holds true: a carefully curated collection of cocktail classics (and things become ‘classic’ for a reason) that offer no stress at all. Ooh, and whatever you choose, it comes with a tiny ‘tapa’ of nibbles: tortilla chips with the Mojito; chocolate coffee beans with the Espresso Martini; popcorn with the Cosmo…I have made it my new mission to discover each one!

The Brasserie itself is downstairs; a soothingly low lit, stylish dining room with its own bar and a small side-lounge where more cocktails can be sipped. The menu here is equally pared back; mainly French classics, but a few good English ones too and plenty to tempt.

I started with an old favourite, Smoked Salmon with Capers, while Mike opted for French Onion Soup. Mine was just as you might hope, but Mike’s soup was awesome. A gloriously bowl full of soft, sweet, oniony deliciousness, topped with a vast Gruyere crouton. A meal in itself for those of smaller appetites, it almost defeated Mike, and he has hollow legs. For a main course, I chose Truffle Cauliflower Macaroni, a carb load to die for. Soft, creamy pasta with a hint of earthy truffle and crunches of al dente cauliflower. This one beat me, I admit – portion sizes here aren’t for the faint hearted! It came home with me though and works beautifully next day too! Mike, as ever, opted for steak, a rib-eye with Béarnaise sauce. Perfectly pink throughout, it was soft and lusciously juicy, steak knife not needed.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Twists

Chocolate Peanut Butter Twists - Credit: Archant

We left feeling very spoiled, a positive culinary pampering in fact. Go, you’ll enjoy every moment.

Cocktails @ Brasserie Abode
(secondary image)

Cocktails @ Brasserie Abode (secondary image) - Credit: Archant

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