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Chilli Banana Massaman Nua

Chilli Banana Massaman Nua - Credit: Archant

Thai food is one of life’s greatest delights, and Chilli Banana in Wilmslow gives diners some of the greatest Thai food they could wish for

Chilli Banana Chicken Satay

Chilli Banana Chicken Satay - Credit: Archant

I love Thai food. Simple yet packed with flavours to delight every part of the palette, it’s a feast for all the senses with the tumble of fragrances, colours and textures that come packed into every dish – and when it’s made for you by May, who learned to cook at her mother’s side in Thailand, it’s a delight I could feast on every day.

Chilli Banana Wilmslow is the flagship for the small but perfectly formed chain, and May keeps a fierce grip on menu and quality control for each of the restaurants in the chain, from her development kitchen in Wilmslow. I’m perfectly happy with this – it would be devastating to visit a Chilli Banana elsewhere and not experience the heavenly song of May’s Tom Ka Gai, the chicken and coconut soup I would request as my last dish on earth, should the situation ever arise.

Chilli Banana Tom Ka Gai

Chilli Banana Tom Ka Gai - Credit: Archant

One of the greatest challenges of a visit to Chilli Banana is what to order; not because you’ll struggle to find a dish you want, but because you want every dish. We went straight in with a Mixed Starter, a mouth-watering combination of Chicken Satay, Thai fish cakes, Spring Rolls and Pork & Prawn Toasts. Hot, fresh and delicious, they come quickly to the table and are devoured instantly. As I said, Tom Ka Gai is soup heaven, but a whole bowl for me means I can’t do justice to a main course, so we split a bowl between us – kindly pre-separated by the kitchen, to avoid messy moments.

Main course selection is ridiculously tricky. I eventually plumped for Massaman curry with chicken and Mike for the Penang curry. Mike’s dish leads with a sweet spike, followed by smokiness and heat. It’s fabulous, but I barely get a look in. Luckily I’m not for sharing either; my Massaman curry is rich and sweet, packed with flavour and with a crunch of peanuts to balance the smooth sauce and soft potato. Even though I resisted a full soup, it’s too much for me – but that’s fine, because who doesn’t love Massaman curry for lunch next day? Doggy bag for one, please.

Chilli Banana Tom Yam Gung

Chilli Banana Tom Yam Gung - Credit: Archant

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