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Shredded kale and peanut salad at Nourish

Shredded kale and peanut salad at Nourish - Credit: Archant

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Nourish - Credit: Archant


More than just a cafe Nourish has the kind of vibe and clientele that wouldn’t look out of place in a smart London suburb. Of course, the philosophy behind this is all about fresh, nutritious and healthy food but it thankfully sidesteps anything that could be construed as achingly hipster.


Start the day with a healthy breakfast, featuring all the usual suspects such as home made granola, £4.25 and porridge, £3.25 and fresh fruit salad. Or opt for more substantial fayre like eggs on toasted sourdough accompanied by asparagus, black pudding tomatoes, indeed there’s so much choice! or opt for smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, or smashed avocado and feta cheese with various accompaniments from the brunch menu.

As this was 2pm and the place was still packed with good looking locals, a late lunch of shredded kale and peanut salad, £5.25pm accompanied by a Nourish detox smoothie that was packed with blueberries, banana, orange juice and oats appealed to the ‘inner Helmsley sister’ that lurks within us all. It was surprisingly good. A man sitting next to me told the waitress his meal ranked a 7. ‘Well it was a salad’, he rejoindered.

Decor and Ambience

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Nourish has a refreshing Scandi-inspired interior that reflects its ethos for clean, healthy eating. Wooden walls and flooring, tiles in white and lime green and comfortable upholstery create a cool but welcoming atmosphere.




£10 for lunch and a smoothie

Nourish, 11 Bank Square, Wilmslow SK9 1AN, 01625 527333

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