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Provender - Credit: Archant

This month WEL introduces you to two more great places to dine

Dove & Olive Branch

Dove & Olive Branch - Credit: Archant


Where did the inspiration come from when you created The Dove & Olive Branch?

We have only been open for a short while and it’s going very well. We offer a range of modern European dishes, which are delicious. My passion is a life long love of food. I have such enjoyment when cooking and producing food for my customers. My ideas come from a variety of places, some from inside me and others are dishes I have served in the past with various changes. Also some are old classics, with a modern taste.

What is your favourite dish on the menu?

My favourite dish at the moment is the slow cooked beef cheeks in red wine with horseradish mash. It is so tender we have to use a fish slice when we are plating it up.

Do you have any special events coming up?

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We have a selection of cards offering discounts including a cocktail night on Tuesdays, a set lunch menu, (two courses £14.95 and three courses £19.95) and other offers, which you will have to come and see for yourself.

How would you encourage new customers to experience your restaurant?

We are new and we like to serve happy customers.

How is The Dove & Olive Branch different to any other restaurant in West Essex?

We have a pea and mint risotto dish, which is completely vegan with no dairy produce, unlike most other restaurants. Our ice creams and sorbets are freshly made in the restaurant, along with all our pastas, desserts, butter, yeast free breads, marinating our own olives and much more. We only buy pre-made ketchup, mustard or gluten free pasta for people who require these products.

Owner Boris Halpin

Dove and Olive Branch

219 High Road,

South Woodford,

E18 2PB

020 8506 2327


What was it about West Essex that appealed to you?

Being an Essex boy, it seemed like I was coming home and the choice of site came up in a chance meeting. I knew Wanstead when I was a young boy, as my great uncle lived in one of the posh parts. I remember he had the most amazing prolific grapevines in his conservatory, I didn’t know that several decades later I would open a restaurant round the corner.

Have any of your previous restaurants particularly influenced your current menus?

I have been a chef and restaurateur for several decades. Now my love, passion and commitment for all things French, especially the inspiration that I draw from ‘Cuisine Bourgeoise’ continues to be the central core of my food. My menu at Provender encompasses some of the best dishes I have served in former restaurants, including Monsieur Max in Hampton Hill, which held a Michelin star for over five years, my first restaurant Chez Max in Kew, and the much loved Le Petit Max.

What inspires your menu writing?

My most recent inspirations are from North Africa. I like Spain and Italy for the discipline of their food. It is seemingly simple and effortless, yet some dishes have been the most memorable. I believe that be it simple or extravagant, buy only the best possible, keep it seasonal and let the principal ingredient speak for itself.

What fun do you offer children?

We have reprinted a delightful original 1952 French children’s colouring book, which is very retro and is given to each child with a selection of coloured pencils.

Is there one particular dish that has proven a firm favourite?

Our Croque Monsieur is so good that we have just been included in the Time Out Best 100 Restaurants in London.

Owner: Max Renzland


17 High Street,


E11 2AA

020 8530 3050