Restaurant review - Fisk, Prestbury

FISK Prestbury

FISK Prestbury - Credit: Archant

Fisk in Prestbury doesn’t have to fish for compliments as it serves up big, bold modern cuisine that’s simply delicous

It wasn’t the attractive decor, the intriguing menu, or the fact it is big on sustainability which first attracted us to Fisk in was the Pol Roger champagne bar. Of course, we all know Prestbury is a village like no other. It’s Anglo Saxon charms can be deceiving, as its restaurants could easily compete with those in a big city for their brand of chic.

Oh yes, the chance of casually rubbing cashmere-clad shoulders with the locals was a big attraction but then so was the menu at Fisk, a fish restaurant with a modern Asian twist.

Fisk was launched in Harrogate, a town that’s genteel and well-heeled so the concept translates well to Cheshire’s Golden Triangle area and it looks winningly handsome with glossy black walls and white contemporary chairs, plus that glamorous champagne bar.

I took Cheshire Life columnist Diane Cooke with me, who as well as being a highly regarded journalist, has also run a restaurant. Her son, Seb, is a chef with a low tolerance threshold for poor food and service so it is high praise indeed that Diane said she’d love to take him there.

What’s right about it? Well, when we ordered a glass of Pol Roger as we perused the menu, we were told that it would be free. It turns out that if you arrive before 7pm you get a drink of your choice gratis! It’s a nice touch and immediately made us feel that despite the early dining slot, the evening was going to be special.

Baked Scottish King Scallops, £14, served with the simple accompaniment of cheese and chives were sweet baked juicy morsels to savour.

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The other starter of vegetable tempura, £7, arrived with a fresh side salad and would have been big enough to have as a lunch dish with a glass of wine. The tempura batter was light and pleasingly crisp and there was a good assortment of vgetables to dip into a sweet chilli jam with a hefty kick.

We ordered glasses of Juno Fairtrade Sauvignon Blanc, from £6, to accompany the rich mild flavours of a Monkfish Massaman curry, £19, and a fresh, tantalisingly spicy vegetable red Thai curry, £14 (well I did ask for more chilli).

It is possible to dine on more expensive fare from their menu but the beauty of the menu is that it’s flexible enough for you to enjoy anything from oysters and champagne, to three substantial courses.

For dessert we shared Asian petit fours, £7. These bite sized sweet treats were so jewel-like on the plate is was almost a shame to eat them. But of course we couldn’t help ourselves!

Fisk, New Road, Prestbury, SK10 4HP