Top 5 Mediterranean dishes you simply must try in this Welwyn Garden City restaurant

Two meat-based dishes with salad and sauce next to red wine at Gras, Welwyn Garden City

A restaurant providing authentic Mediterranean dishes, Gras have flavoursome options across their menu. - Credit: Gras

Sitting down to the aroma of authentic Mediterranean cuisine is enough to get anyone’s mouth watering.  

For food lovers far and wide, Gras in Welwyn Garden City have a number of truly delicious dishes on their menu – from breakfast options, to lighter portions and traditional mains from the grill.

We take look at some of the tastiest meals inspired by some of the finest Mediterranean recipes, including dishes for vegans, vegetarians, seafood enthusiasts and more. 

Steak with butter and rosemary, a side of chips and a burger in foreground at Gras, Hertfordshire

The grill is a staple of Mediterranean cuisine - providing a wide array of fantastic meat and fish-based meals. - Credit: Gras

Mediterranean breakfast 

When we imagine the perfect breakfast in the UK, the traditional full English is never far away from most people’s minds. Whilst staying true to the classic breakfast foods that we all know and love, such as scrambled eggs on toast and pancakes, Gras have introduced a flavoursome alternative.

The Mediterranean breakfast brings the taste of southern Europe to Welwyn Garden City. Fresh mixed salad, olives, beef and halloumi provide a hearty meal to start your day with, whilst the honey and jam makes for a sweet combination on your toast. 

Alongside the well-known British options and American-style dishes, the Mediterranean breakfast offers a unique, tasty addition to the morning menu.

Grilled swordfish steak 

Fish is a much-loved staple of a Mediterranean diet, whether it’s Greek, Turkish, Lebanese or Italian. Fried calamari with a slice of lemon, fresh whole seabass and butterfly king prawns cooked in champagne and butter are just some of the appetising choices on the Gras menu. 

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One of the most eye-catching dishes that you’ll find in the seafood section is the grilled swordfish steak. This is a truly authentic dish and one of the most popular seafood mains – grilled and seasoned to perfection with a side of fresh vegetables. 

The homemade tartar sauce enhances the flavour of the swordfish. It’s a real treat, combining the smoky aromas of the grill with the taste of the sea.

Laid tables with red chairs and candles at Gras, Welwyn Garden City

Gras have a spacious indoor seating area, where you can enjoy top-quality Mediterranean food in an authentic atmosphere. - Credit: Gras

Mediterranean mixed grill 

It isn’t just fish that features as a succulent main course – chicken, lamb and beef are also popular meat-based dishes from the grill. The Mediterranean is famous for its meaty meals, from Greek and Turkish-style kebabs and souvlaki wraps, to grilled chicken thigh skewers sprinkled with aromatic spices. 

A mixed grill is the perfect centrepiece for diners – with a marinated lamb cutlet, juicy grilled chicken, a lamb kofte and a selection of chicken wings to top it all off.  

Lobster spaghetti 

Renowned across the world for the intense flavours and ingredients of the highest quality, Italian cuisine is built on the bedrock of pasta. Whilst meat or vegetables are common toppings, the lobster spaghetti at Gras take this well-loved dish to the next level. 

Perhaps the finest seafood and pasta dish all in one, the lobster spaghetti has proved to be a true favourite amongst Gras' regular customers. 

The dish includes half a fresh lobster, drizzled with a saffron sauce and a tomato-based sauce. Laid upon a bed of freshly-made spaghetti, the shallot onions and mushrooms add a real depth of flavour to this already incredible main course.

Two chicken fillets with salad and sauce on blue plate at Gras, Hertfordshire

Chicken, lamb and beef are a staple of Mediterranean cuisine and Gras have a fantastic selection for diners. - Credit: Gras

Veggie musaka 

Meat and seafood are staples of Mediterranean cuisine, but that’s not to say that vegetarians, vegans and those with specific dietary requirements cannot experience the full flavours of these fantastic dishes. 

There are plenty of options for vegetarians, and the dishes can be made vegan if requested. The vegetable musaka is a perfect example – sliced potatoes, mixed peppers, broccoli and cauliflower are all cooked with a rich tomato sauce and topped with a bechamel sauce. 

Just as much effort is put into the vegetarian and vegan dishes as the grill and seafood meals, to ensure every diner has a fantastic experience.

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