Folking in the Strawberries at Stonepitts Farm

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The chance to listen to folk music surrounded by Stonepitt Farm's strawberry fields on a summer evening sounds an idyllic proposition - Credit: Getty Images/EyeEm

Picking your own fruit on a summer's day surrounded by the fields of one of Kent's lovely farms is surely one of the highlights of the year, a great way to spend an afternoon while feeling faintly industrious at one and the same time.

Moreover, if you've got children with you, it's almost always something that they enjoy doing, too - even if they may eat more than they pick. See here for our own Cate Crafter's pick of the best places for pick-your-own in the county but, meanwhile, did you know Stonepitts Farm in Seal, near Sevenoaks, offers a different sort of experience among the strawberries? Its 2021 Folking In The Strawberries series offers a selection of brilliant live-music events, led by musician Dan Clews, with local artists performing in the open as the audience gazes over beautiful views across the Vale of Holmedale. Food is served on-site, as well as a selection of fine wine, beer and craft ale from Westerham Brewery.

Apparently, the event grew out of informal music-making, when - a few years back - PYO customers turned up in the evening to pick strawberries, someone got out a guitar, a few drinks were shared - and the rest is history.  At the time of writing the folk evenings, which run throughout July, are returns-only, but this is certainly one to have on your radar now for summer 2022, as it sounds truly idyllic. For more information or to join the waiting list for tickets, which cost £10 each (£5 children under 16), see

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