Food and beer matching gives wine a run for its money

Prawn broth

Prawn broth - Credit: Archant

The craft beer explosion has seen food and beer matching gather real pace, thanks to some maverick thinking in the industry.

Mashed potato with pork sausage

Mashed potato with pork sausage - Credit: Archant

Some would even go as far as to say that beer is not only as fine as wine, it can even often handle more when it comes to the dinner table.

Here, Hogs Back Brewery master brewer Miles Chesterton and The Stag on the River, Eashing head chef Mark Evans team up to offer their dos and don’ts for beer and food pairing.



Often regarded as the poor relation to wine, beer is actually a very complex drink involving up to 12 ingredients. The principle components are: malts (that’s the sweet, part-germinated barley grains) which give both colour and flavour; wonderfully aromatic hops, the herbs and spices if you like; and finally, yeast and water, which also contribute to the flavour. All of these add differing depths and dimensions to the flavour of beer.

There are now over 130 recognised beer styles today - so plenty of room to create some interesting flavour pairings!

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