The 42 Hertfordshire food and drink products to win a Great Taste Award 2022

These businesses have scooped Great Taste Awards for 2022

These Hertfordshire businesses have scooped Great Taste Awards for 2022 - Credit: Unsplash

Instantly recognisable as a sign of a delicious food or drink product, the black and gold Great Taste Awards stickers are the hallmark of high quality.

The 2022 winners have just been announced and Hertfordshire-based companies have raked in 42 awards.

Barfi Bites

The Indian Sweets company has gained two one-star awards for its Pistachio Barfi Bite and Coconut Barfi Bar.


The bao bun and dumpling brand Bun-dles has been given four awards. Its Black Pepper Pork Bao Buns has gained a two star award with Char Siu Chicken Bao Buns, Miso Shiitake and Tofu Bao Buns and Salted Custard Lava Bao Buns gaining one star awards.


The authentic Latin American spice mix and paste maker has accrued four awards for its products. A two star award was given to the Capsicana Mexican Tasty Taco Seasoning Mix with one star awards for Capsicana Brazilian Paprika & Spices Seasoning Mix, Capsicana Mexican Smoky Chipotle Fajita Season Mix and Capsicana Brazilian Chilli & Tomato Cooking Paste.

Chiltern Charcuterie

Two awards were given to charcuterie specialists Chiltern Charcuterie. A two star award was given for British Air Dried Venison and one star for British Beetroot & Horseradish Salami.

Crepeaffaire Limited

Crepe makers Crepeaffaire has scooped a one star award for its Crepeaffaire Luxury Crepe & Pancake Mix.


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Dorringtons, based in Sawbridgeworth, was awarded a one star Great Taste Award for Dorringtons Traditional Mince Tart.

Granology UK

Granology has gained an award for its chocolate orange granola, called 'Fun'.


Hadil has gained two one star awards for its Thai Red Curry and its Pakistani Chicken Karahi.

Jake's Gin

Gin company Jake's Gin has gained a one star award for its eponymous 'Jake's Gin'.

Jammy Jo's

Letchworth based jam makers Jammy Jo's has been awarded one star for its Jammy Jo's Homemade Raspberry Jam.

Saucy Sisters

WIth a mixture of Indian and Kenyan influences, the Saucy Sisters have picked up three awards this year. A two star award was given to the company's Pineapple & Szechuan Peppercorn Chilli Jam and one star awards for its Red Habanero & Juniper Berry Chilli Jam and the Orange Zest & Coriander Seed Chilli Jam.

Stanhope Preserves

St Albans based preserve creators has grabbed one star awards for three of its products. The award winners were the Blackcurrant & Cassis Jam, the Spiced Plum Jam and the Gooseberry Jam.

Tenacious Taste

A one star award has been given to TEMPTING Tandoor Rub/Seasoning by Tenacious Taste.

The Alcohol Free Brewing Company

Alcohol free beer brewers The Alcohol Free Brewing Company has won a one star award for its UNLTD. IPA.

The Choc Spot

Warm & Fruity Hedgehog by The Choc Spot has gained a one star award.

The Cooking Academy

Rickmansworth based The Cooking Academy has been given one star awards for its Medicinal Grade Turmeric Latte, Baharat Spice Blend and Kebab Masala Blend.

The Greek Farmer

Located near Hitchin, The Greek Farmer has scooped three one star and one two star awards. Its Air Dried Pork Belly Thins, Air Dried Beef and Air Dried Ham were given one and the two went to its Air Dried Pork Belly Bacon.

Woodford & Warner

Hibiscus drink makers Woodford & Warner were awarded a whopping five one star awards for some of its products. The Hibiscus & Ginger Drink, Passion Fruit Cordial, Hibiscus Sorbet, Hibiscus & Citrus Cordial and Hibiscus & Citrus Drink all received the accolade.

Yvette's Chocolates

Yvette's Chocolates' Gooey Brownies gained a one star award.

Zims Tribe

Sauce and condiment maker Zims Tribe has gained a one star award for its Orange Habanero Chilli & Tomato MILD sauce.

For the full list of winners across the country and beyond, visit the website.