Great Taste Awards 2022: Award winners from Suffolk

Judges carefully make their decisions at the Great Taste Awards 2022

Judges carefully make their decisions at the Great Taste Awards 2022 - Credit: sam pelly

The Great Taste Awards are a big deal in the Food and Drink industry, and the results for the 2022 awards are finally in. Products from all over Suffolk have picked up over 50 accolades in total.

Three Star Winners 

Alder Tree - Blackcurrant Ice Cream

Founded in 2007, though, with roots extending much further back, Alder Tree is a family-run business that prides itself not only on the exquisite produce they craft and sell but on the ethical and sustainable practices they have infused the business with from the beginning.

Alder Tree's Blackcurrant Ice Cream is no stranger to the three-star rating, as their Blackcurrant Ice Cream has won the accolade several times over the years. Food writer and cook Nigel Slater is a fan calling the flavour 'sensational', and many happy consumers rave about it, too, with one person taking to Instagram to call it their "death row desert"!

Two Star Winners

Alder Tree - Raspberry Ice Cream

Alder Tree's Blackcurrant Ice Cream may have taken home the three-star rating, but their other infinitely popular flavour also bagged itself a two-star rating.

Aspall - Apple Cyder Vinegar with Apple Juice and Raw Apple Cyder Vinegar with Honey

Aspall was founded in 1728 by Clement Chevallier in the parish of Aspall, and over 300 years later, the company is still going strong with its delicious cyder and cyder vinegar products. Two of their products won a two-star rating this year.

The Apple Cyder Vinegar with Apple Juice has a great flavour to it that works perfectly in dressings, marinades and vinaigrettes. 

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In the Raw Apple Cyder Vinegar with Honey, the marriage of apple and honey creates a sweet and tangy taste perfect for salad dressings or diluted into water for an invigorating health tonic.

Truly Traceable Venison & Game Pies - Homemade Wild Rabbit & Langoustine Pie

Husband and Wife Steve and Lynn Tricker's pies are supremely popular, and this intriguing mix of wild rabbit and fresh Loch Fyne langoustine in a White Wine, Wild Garlic and Cream Sauce wowed the panel of judges this year and rightly so.

Freshpac Teas & Coffees - Terra Dourada Mio Fazenda Lot 2014 Brazil

Freshpac Teas & Coffees have been artisan coffee roasters since 1979, so it's safe to say they know a thing or two about coffee. Their Terra Dourada Mio Fazenda Lot 2014 Brazil blend impressed the judges this year and won them a two-star rating.

Harris & James Chocolate - Pistachio Gelato

Offering beautifully crafted Italian gelato in a whole range of different flavours, Harris and James should be on the top of your list of ice cream places to visit in Beccles. On your next stop, be sure to sample the award-winning Pistachio gelato for a quick sweet treat.

Tosier Chocolatemaker - Hacienda Limon Ecuador 80% Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate aficionados will find Tosier's Hacienda Limon Ecuador 80% Dark Chocolate to be an absolute dream with its complex flavour profile of rich, floral and creamy notes. The company also practices sustainability with both where they get their beans from and with the 100% recyclable packaging they use, which just sweetens the taste just that bit more.

Sunday Charcuterie - Coppa

Sunday Charcuterie is a single pig charcuterie; this means that each week a local farm brings in their batch of pigs, and they become the week's produce with every product bearing the breed of pig and the farm that reared it. Their Coppa is made from the finest cuts of marbled pork collar, which are air-cured and seasoned with five types of peppercorn. 

The Krafty Braumeister - Blau & Weiss

Uli Schiefelbein and his wife Auriol bring the craft of German beer to Suffolk with their delicious range of traditional beers at The Krafty Braumeister. The company's award-winning Blau & Weiss is a Hefeweizen, a traditional Bavarian wheat beer which has prominent notes of Banana and clove.

Black Dog Deli Foods - Black Dog Deli Traditional Sausage Roll

Black Dog Deli first opened its doors as a small deli in Walberswick, but word of mouth soon spread thanks to the culinary prowess of founder Andrew Storer who has worked in London for the likes of Albert and Michel Roux and David Cavalier. Their famous Traditional Sausage Roll has won a great taste award yet again and it's no surprise either.

LA Brewery - Sparkling English Blush

Louise Avery founded LA Brewery on the basis of her passion for foraging for natural ingredients to turn into delicious beverages, namely her experimental Kombuchas. The sparkling English blush may look like a sweet summer rosé wine, but it's actually Kombucha that has floral notes of hops and elderflower and a hint of rhubarb, which makes for a great alcohol-free alternative this summer and beyond.

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