Herts-based healthy cereal company Rollagranola

Rollagranolla Sharon Struckman

Rollagranolla Sharon Struckman - Credit: sharon struckman

Inspired to create a healthy, delicious cereal and snack on-the-go, Rollagranola was born

If I’m going to indulge at breakfast, it’s got to be something much more interesting than cereal, and I’ve found it – Rollagranola, made right here in Herts. These healthy, nutritious granolas are energy rich and flavoursome with high levels of nuts, seeds and fruit providing fibre and natural oils.

The creator of this delicious treat is Robin Longden. During a visit to the States, he sampled granola with great fruit and nut combos and was converted. The challenge was to find something as good back home. It turned out not to be easy, so he decided to make his own.

His aim was to break away from the mass produced cheap food and offer a healthy granola with a high nut and fruit content. The first batch went down a treat and was followed by more experimentation. He got his whole family involved in tasting and many debates followed. The ‘Sunday treat’ with added chocolate was loved by most. He worked on his recipes, getting the right measures of each ingredient and making sure only natural sugars were used.

Rollagranola now offers a wide range from Awesome Almond and Healthy Hazelnut to Neanderthal Nibbles, so there’s something for everyone. The latest range includes gluten free, no added sugar, vegan and ‘paleo’ options. More than just a breakfast treat, they can be enjoyed throughout the day with the ‘snack pack’ versions. See rollagranola.com


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