Introducing Martin Frobisher’s: Courage without the Dutch

Martin Forbisher's Spectacular Sparklers

Martin Forbisher's Spectacular Sparklers - Credit: Archant

We toast our tipples to Martin Frobisher, that most fervent of fruiterers!

Martin Forbisher's Curious Cordials

Martin Forbisher's Curious Cordials - Credit: Archant

Martin Frobisher sailed the 16th-century seas, discovering remarkable fruits which he bashed and bottled, to embolden his crew. Rum became redundant, scurvy scarpered - and England was enriched by his formidable fruitage when he returned with his fruit treasures for all to enjoy.*

The bold new look celebrates and captures the spirit of Frobisher's fantastical, lively character. Frobisher's fresh, premium juices, cordials, smoothies and more - made using the recipes our consumers have known and loved for 20 years - are now a whole lot more handsome, with a spirited feel that makes them a real party piece.

Gone are the days of soft drinks being the soft option: Frobisher's are responding to the fact that more people are living cleaner, healthier lives and toughening up the category for those who like their courage without the Dutch. When you choose a non-alcoholic drink it deserves to be as sophisticated and exciting as an alcoholic drink, served with as much flair as a cocktail and offering as many flavour notes as a fine wine list.

Frobisher's are for people who want to plough their own furrow, discover something wonderful and explore the full-on flavour of real fresh fruit - no artificial scallywags in here. The range offers full on sophisticated flavour notes for those who question what to drink when not drinking.

Frobishers hot cocktail tea witih Lympstone Manor (c) Guy Harrop

Frobishers hot cocktail tea witih Lympstone Manor (c) Guy Harrop - Credit: guy harrop

So, welcome aboard Curious Cordials, an unapologetic range of fruity mixers which will delight the palette every time.

These 'Great Taste Award' winning (2018) cordials are available in three enticing flavours inspired by adventure and travel. They can be enjoyed with still or sparkling water, added to a delicious mocktail, or poured lavishly into prosecco and cocktails for a delicious fruity twist on a slightly harder tipple.

Jessica Waller, head of brand at Martin Frobisher's, said, "Cordials are a sophisticated alcohol-free drink that you'll be proud to turn up to a party with! Solving the problem of what to drink when not drinking, our cordials are made without artificial ingredients and are served in clinkable, environmentally friendly glass bottles. This hard-hitting soft drink is the ideal party piece."

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The range of exotic flavours includes Lemon & Mint, Pomegranate & Rose and Sloe & Raspberry to cater for every taste and occasion. They are available at Waitrose nationwide.

The fantastical range is stocked in many great bars and pubs, so keep your eyes peeled for a bottle ahoy moment in your local with one of these fine fruitages:

The Jubilant Juices are fruit and nothing else. skinned, squashed and siphoned into an elegant glass bottle. Available in nine flavours, this refreshing drink works well on its own or mixed into a mocktail.

For a refreshing, sparkling drink then the Spectacular Sparklers are available in Apple, Pear & Elderflower, Ginger & Juniper, Orange & Lemon and Raspberry and Grape.

Made using fresh fruit and the same recipes that consumers have known and loved for 20 years, the formidable range highlights more refined ingredients and still offers full-on flavour. This calorie reduced range has less than 85 calories per bottle and uses a taste bud tickling amount of sugar and natural sweeteners.

For a jazzier fruit juice combination, the Fantastical Fusions offers fruit loosened up with a dash of water for a lighter, rather-too-moreish gulp. The most reliable refresher that ever there was.

Whether it's the 'fact or fancy?' questions for you to muse over or the intricate, illustrated detail that will capture your imagination, Frobisher's draws in the sophisticated consumer looking for non-alcoholic fun.

Have you reached tippling point? Time for a glass of courage without the Dutch.

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*As we like to say, never let the truth get in the way of a good story!

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