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Cheshire Life Food and Drink App - Credit: Archant

The need for the ultimate food & drink guide in Cheshire is solved this month with the launch of a new service for our readers

We’ve never been faced with more choice when it comes to dining out. We are completely spolit for choice. The range and quality of restaurants and eateries in our county is stunning. You could eat out every night of the year if you wanted to.

But with that range of restaurants comes the problem of making choices of where to go and when. Like all of us, I have a number of questions when it comes to choosing a place to dine out.

Is the menu to my liking? Does the range and style of food meet my needs? Is it in the right location? Is it in my price range? When is it open? Are there any special offers which might tempt me? The list of ‘unknowns’ can be overwhelming and that can often lead to us playing it safe and reverting to the places we already know.

Nothing wrong with that: it’s good to know where to eat and enjoy the experience. But, wouldn’t it be good to have that little extra bit of help in making an informed choice about new places? Or, indeed, learn something new about somewhere you already know?

Which is where Cheshire Life comes in. Welcome to The Menu, our indispensable guide to dining out in and around our county.

I am pleased to reveal this ‘must have’ answer to your dining out needs – with both a print and online solution helping make your choices even simpler.

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Cheshire Life has specially selected our choice of the top 100 dining out venues in the county and gathered them together in a unique collection called The Menu.

The Menu is about choice, quality and supporting the wonderful food and drink producers in Cheshire.

It’s unlike any other dining out guide you may have encountered. Collected together on our website and featured on a specially created app for the county, The Menu lists all you need to know about the top 100 places to eat in the area - all at the click of a mouse or via your smartphone.

It’s a simple way of browsing and selecting places to eat across the county…with lots of tempting offers and latest updates to whet your appetite.

And as well as The Menu online, each month in the pages of Cheshire Life we will be featuring reports on the restaurants and eateries we have selected for The Menu. Read all about signature dishes, discover who makes the restaurants tick, find out our tips on a tipple or two, and take in the latest food and drink news .

Whether it’s a light lunch with friends, a romantic dinner date for two, a special family meal or a spur-of-the-moment trip out as a treat, then The Menu has all you need in one place.

I hope you enjoy using The Menu as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.

Louise Allen-Taylor, Editor, Cheshire Life

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Enjoy discovering the best restaurants in the region with the new Cheshire Life Food & Drink app. Featuring a range of recommended restaurants, it’s now easier than ever to find a restaurant near you with a GPS-enabled map. We’ve also rounded up the best local food and drink producers and included a selection of tasty recipes to whet your appetite. Available to download for free on iOS and Android devices (go to the App Store and search The Menu or Cheshire Food & Drink), you can now browse while you’re out and about and find discounted offers from local food businesses.