Little Box of Treats - Warrington’s favourite Chinese restaurant of the Year

Sue Kelly of Little Box of Treats

Sue Kelly of Little Box of Treats - Credit: Archant

Bakery and restaurant in Stockton Heath specialises in a range of Chinese delicacies.

When you’ve been declared as Warrington’s favourite Chinese of the Year 2016, you know you must be doing something right. It’s a title that Sue Kelly from the Little Box of Treats didn’t expect, but it’s one that’s well deserved especially when you are doing something a little different from the rest.

As well as serving mouth-watering dim sum and noodle dishes, Sue and her team are well-known for their homemade sweet treats with an oriental twist.

‘It was a surprise to find out I had won, especially considering I haven’t been established all that long,’ said Sue, who opened the Chinese bakery and restaurant five years ago. It was only after encouragement from family and friends that she decided to set up her own business, taking after her granddad and mum to be the third generation to run a restaurant.

‘I was always baking cakes and buns and they said that I should open up my own Chinese bakery. We just started doing cakes and Chinese buns with fillings such a coconut, custard and char siu, but people started to ask for small plates so I decided to extend the menu.’

The Little Box of Treats now offer table, takeaway and tea menus (with dozens of loose leaf tea from around the globe to try), and Sue specialises in baking Chinese celebration cakes. With sponge lighter than traditional cakes, these beautifully decorated masterpieces are very popular.

‘People are now intrigued to try them. One popular flavour at the moment is macha –which is finely ground powder of green tea.’

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