Exciting new changes for the Lost Boys Brewery in St Albans

Lost Boys Brewery beers, St Albans

Lost Boys Brewery beers - Credit: Lost Boys Brewery

Bigger equipment, larger premises and new drinks are on the agenda for a St Albans craft beer maker after successfully emerging from lockdown.

First of the new crop is New England Indian Pale Ale, joining the existing Lost Boys Brewery line-up of Peach Light Ale and Mango Pale Ale, stocked in several pubs and beer shops in St Albans and the surrounding area. As the names suggest, these are not your average brews but flavoured with real fruit and syrup, to create 'sweet, rich and easy-drinking ales' made using Cluster hops, which pair harmoniously with the fruity flavours.  

The latest beer marks a departure for Lost Boys, a refreshing IPA slightly lighter than the others at 4.5 per cent and the group’s first fruitless product. As director George Sanderson points out however: ‘We are sticking to our mission of something for everyone - the beer is slightly less bitter than a usual IPA but still with a light body and refreshing taste.’  

Founded five years ago, Lost Boys is the creation of four friends, Jon Howarth, George Sanderson, Jordan Manfre and Joshua Kitt, all former students of Marlborough Science Academy in St Albans. As reported in Hertfordshire Life at the time of its launch, Lost Boys began when Jon started brewing beer at his home in Watford, and his friends were so impressed they decided to help him sell it.

As head of marketing Jordan put it: ‘We could see Jon had an amazing talent and we all wanted to back him financially, emotionally and with our time and effort.’ 

Next in line towards year-end is a more winter based beer that friends say will be ‘something slightly darker, thicker bodied, built for sitting by the fire and almost certainly festive’.