Meet the chef - Steve Owen, Home Bar and Restaurant, Bollington

Steve Owen is the chef from Home Bar and Restaurant in Bollington, a Cheshire gem that specialises in freshly-made food, delicious wines and fantastic hospitality.

Tell us a bit about yourself. When did you first get interested in cooking?I took my first part-time job on leaving school as a kitchen porter during the summer holidays at the age of 15. I already had a knowledge of food and preparation which had been passed down to  me by my parents  We did things like preparing our own chickens, fish and rabbits, growing our own fruit, vegetables and salads in the garden and going fishing, so I had a very good knowledge of the very best produce.

How did you get started as a chef?I was offered a job when I was working as a kitchen porter at my local restaurant.

What is your signature dish?Would probably have to say my pat�, due to the amount of times friends, family and some of our regular customers ask if they can take some home.

If there was anyone in the world you could cook for, who would it be?Atul Kochhar, as Indian food is one of my favourites and to hold Michelin Stars in this area of cuisine is impressive to say the least. Hopefully I could learn something from him.

What do you eat at home?I tend to eat a lot of pasta, mainly because there are not a lot of shops open when I finish work, and I always have pasta in the cupboard and I grow a lot of my own chillies, garlic, herbs and tomatoes.

What is the kitchen ingredient no one should be without?Tomatoes - most of my favourite soups, salads, salsas and dressings are based from a range of different types of fish, blushed and dried tomatoes.

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If you could dine at any restaurant in the world where would it be?There is a restaurant just outside the spa town, called Piestany in Slovakia called Ferman; it is a large log cabin such as you see when snowboarding. It is built into the hillside, has its own wine cellar, a large wood oven in the centre and patio dining area looking over the hills and spa town. They also breed their own wild boar and deer.

What would you eat for your last meal?Slow-roasted wild boar with lots of crackling, baked apple, and bread and butter. And a bucket of Ice cold cider.

Favourite music to cook by?I listen to Rock Radio for ten to twelve hours each day at work; it has a varied mix of classic rock tunes and is quite funny too.

What do you do to relax?Grow my own chillies and herbs, ride motorbikes and drink with friends.

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