Online butchers: Delivering meat straight to your door

Different cuts of meat at CarverGreen Farm Butchery in the Cotswolds

CarverGreen Farm Butchery deliver various cuts and types of meat to online customers - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Buying directly from a butcher has a number of advantages over store bought meats. Whether you fancy sirloin steak or roast lamb, their sustainable produce has little to no chemical input. 

Recently, enterprising butchers have established online butcheries, offering a delivery service for their products straight to their customers' homes.  

Lance Foot, the owner of CarverGreen Farm Butchery, talks to us about the benefits of ordering quality butcher’s meat online. 

T-bone steak at CarverGreen Farm Butchery in the Cotswolds

CarverGreen deliver seasonal BBQ meat boxes for customers who request a wider selection - Credit: CarverGreen Farm Butchery

Q: When did you start your online meat delivery service? 

A: We have been beef and arable farmers for over 10 years now, and always produced meat products for our own consumption and sold to supermarkets. During the first lockdown, the price of fresh meat that I was selling dropped significantly. It was then that I decided to start the online butchery service. 

Q: How do you ensure that your meat is fresh upon delivery? 

Tomahawk steak at Carver Green Farm Butchery in Saul

CarverGreen ensure freshness by placing ice packs with all meat products delivered - Credit: CarverGreen Farm Butchery

A: All orders within a 35-mile radius of our farm are delivered in our temperature-controlled van. We also offer a nationwide delivery service and these orders are sent out via next day courier. These are packed with dry ice freeze packs, guaranteed to keep our produce at the correct temperature for up to 48 hours. 

Q: How do customers benefit by ordering meat from a butcher? 

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A: As all of our meat is sourced directly from the same farm, we provide our customers with ultimate traceability. I can tell you when an animal arrived, how long it was reared, when it was butchered - it is truly a “farm to fork” process. Consumers who care about the welfare of the animals and the sustainability of the organic meat that we provide can rest easy with our produce. 

All of our animals are grass-fed, as opposed to cereal based diets. Grass is a much healthier option, as the fat content is significantly reduced. Buying from a butcher gives a customer tastier, locally sourced meat.  

We only raise Aberdeen Angus cattle, which are renowned for the high quality of the beef and the marbling within it. All of our beef products are hung for a minimum of 28 days which makes a huge impact on the flavour, something which many store-bought meats don’t provide.  

Sirloin steak at CarverGreen Farm Butchery in the Cotswolds

Aberdeen Angus is the only breed of cattle reared at Carver Green, making a big difference to the taste of the beef - Credit: CarverGreen

Q: Do you deliver a variety of products for your online customers? 

A: Yes, we provide a range of organic meat boxes and BBQ meat boxes for people who prefer a wide selection. Thanks to the convenience of online orders, we can stylise the boxes and the meats themselves into shapes or adorn them with a bowtie to be given as gifts. We can now take time over our meat boxes and fulfil the custom requests of our customers. 

Beef and lamb are available for delivery nationwide, and we are currently trialling pork for our online customers. Our website allows buyers to send us notes and requests for anything special, and we can cut the meat to their specific requirements. Overall, online delivery has made it a much easier process.  

CarverGreen Farm Butchery specialise in high-quality meat sourced from the Cotswolds. Visit or give them a call on 07751 080143.