Meet Yorkshire's poshest pigs

Programme Name: Marcus Wareing's Tales From A Kitchen Garden - TX: n/a - Episode: Marcus Wareing's T

Marcus Wareing' meets rare breed pig owner Lisa to learn about the Magalitza pig. 200 years ago these pigs were amongst the most prized produce in Europe, but in the 80s because they are more expensive to rear than common breeds, they came very close to extinction - Credit: BBC / Plimsoll Productions Ltd. / Simon Arnold

Yorkshire's Mangalitza pigs are loving the limelight after a visit by top chef Marcus Waring.

For his current series, Tales from a Kitchen Garden, Marcus met Lisa Hodgson on her farm in North Yorkshire, where she breeds these rare curly-haired pigs, prized by chefs for their depth of taste, flavoursome fat - and fun personalities! 

woolly pig - Mangalitza Curly haired mangalica pig

The woolly Mangalitza, full of personality - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Marcus' quest is to expand the range of produce on his own smallholding and bring in new livestock, his first additions are some new pigs, but he was keen to choose animals that will provide him with the best possible meat.

He met Lisa and her rare Mangalitza pigs and shows off a recipe using the Mangalitza pork (see below). 

Lisa is has joined forces with Bedale restaurant Tom & Nellie's to put on a Mangalitza menu on March 24th  to raise funds to support the survival of the bloodline of this rare breed - often called the 'Wagyu of pork'.

The fi-ve-course menu will use Mangalitza pork (the restaurant always has it on the menu) and will consist of:

Black Pudding bon bon, fennel, blood orange

Mangalitza head terrine, pickled apple, beets

White pudding, truffle, charred leeks

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Tenderloin wellington, Judas ear mushroom, carrot, bacon rolypoly

White chocolate brulee, Mangalitza salted fudge, rhubarb 

The set menu is £60 in aid of Mangalitza Conservation Society. There will be raffle prizes includeing a Mason's Gin tour as well as the chance to meet some Mangalitza piglets with Lisa. 

To book: Contact Amy @ Tom & Nellie’s to book - 01677 425270 7-9 North End, Bedale. DL8 1AF

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Programme Name: Marcus Wareing's Tales From A Kitchen Garden - TX: n/a - Episode: Marcus Wareing's T

From Marcus Wareing's Tales From A Kitchen Garden: Mangalitza pork chop - Credit: BBC / Plimsoll Productions Ltd. / Simon Arnold

Recipe: Marcus Wareing's  pork chops, apple pie, green olive sauce 

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