Raw Chi Food, Cheadle Hulme

Renee Maguire (Photography © Jo Doran 2014)

Renee Maguire (Photography © Jo Doran 2014) - Credit: Archant

Raw Chi Food is based in Cheadle Hulme, but its origins are far, far away in South East Asia

Raw Chi kale salad (Photography © Jo Doran 2014)

Raw Chi kale salad (Photography © Jo Doran 2014) - Credit: Archant

Working as a chef in London, Renee Maguire knew how to create the most delicious meals. But when she was 25, her sister, Nicola, tragically passed away from breast cancer and Renee was devastated.

Grief-stricken and a shadow of her former self and on anti-depressants, Renee took time out to travel to south east Asia, enjoying a diet that included raw foods. Her health improved and she saw a connection with how these nutritious raw foods tasted and made her feel. Back home, Renee began adding raw foods to her meals and gradually Raw Chi Food has developed from her passion to guide people into healthier but tasty eating.

‘When Nicola was ill I felt helpless. She asked me what she could eat to help boost her immune system but I wasn’t aware. Ten years later my mother developed breast cancer, but this was a completely different story,’ said Renee, who now lives in Cheadle Hulme. ‘I felt confident that I had the knowledge of raw and super foods that could impact her health and assist the body. I had learnt that apricot kernels contain high levels of B17 (amygdalin) which have cancer fighting and prevention capabilities, and offer immune system support to fight off infections, so Mum started eating these. I went into healing mode, and this gave me the inspiration to start Raw Chi.’

Raw Chi began in 2011, and in 2012 Renee added an online shop. ‘Everything I sell is raw and air dried, in its natural state. The integrity and intent of my brand is to make sure people are getting the best, researched quality products. I only stock items that I know exactly what’s in them.

‘I was so pleased to see Victoria Beckham recently praising bee pollen as I have been sprinkling it on top of my cereal for years. It’s high in antioxidants and boosts strength.’

Renee says that the nutrients within healthy raw foods benefit the body and wellbeing, resulting in less stress and more energy. ‘I feel blessed to be in a unique position to guide and assist others who wish to increase their health and vitality.

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‘The smallest of changes can make a big difference. For example eating spirulina, a freshwater algae superfood, will improve blood quality and give a rich protein boost.’


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