Recipe: Roast Atlantic cod, pearl barley, mango and coriander


EXG JUN 17 RECIPE MAin - Credit: Archant

Executive head chef Matthew Hill has had a long and happy attachment to Down Hall. Here he shares an impressive recipe for Atlantic cod


EXG JUN 17 RECIPE MAin - Credit: Archant

‘My connection reaches back over 10 years. I was a junior sous chef here about eight years ago and left to work in London. Some people I used to work with here knew I was looking to leave London and come back to Essex, so they put my name forward.’


Serves 4

For the Atlantic cod

A 520g cod fillet

Lemon zest from one lemon

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100g of salt

For the mango sauce

3 ripe mangos

½ a fennel

1 stick of lemongrass

2 tbsp of confit shallot

300ml of mussel stock

2 tbsp of natural yoghurt

2tsp of tamarind

A pinch of raz el hanout

For the coriander emulsion

5 boiled eggs

3 bunches of coriander

500ml of pomace oil or good quality olive oil

Salt to season

For the Cipollini onion

8 Cipollini onions

300ml of chicken stock

2 sprigs of thyme

2 cloves of garlic

For the green mango salsa

1 green mango (finely diced)

1 red chilli (finely diced)

2 shallots (finely diced)

50g of light brown sugar

50ml of lime juice

1 tsp tamarind

For the pearl barley

200g of pearl barley

400ml of chicken stock

1 clove of smashed garlic

¼ a bunch of thyme


Coriander cress to garnish the plate


For the Atlantic cod, trim the cod and salt for 20 minutes. Wash and dry. Cut into 130g portions. Cook the cod in a medium to hot frying pan skin side down. Do not move the fish yet to allow the skin to cook properly. After 2-3 minutes you should see the skin caramelise to a golden colour, quickly turn the fish over to check, then place it back on its skin. When you have a light golden colour on the skin, place the cod into the oven at 180C for 7-8 minutes.

For the mango sauce, finely dice the fennel, crush the lemongrass and cook with a pinch of raz el hanout and a knob of butter with 200ml water until soft. Remove the lemongrass. Peel and rough dice the mango, then place into the thermo blender with the fennel, shallot and tamarind. Blend until smooth. Pass through a sieve. Add the mussel stock and the yoghurt. Check seasoning.

For the coriander emulsion, boil the eggs for 5 ½ minutes, chill and peel. Cook the coriander in salted water until the leaves break between your fingers. Chill and squeeze out the water. Blitz the eggs in a blender with water for 2 minutes, add the coriander and blitz until smooth.

Slowly add oil and emulsify. Season to taste.

For the cipollini onion, cook the onions in chicken stock with thyme and garlic until soft.

For the green mango salsa, mix the shallot, chilli and mango together. Boil the sugar, lime and tamarind together for 2-3 minutes. Mix both together and season.

For the pearl barley, pour the barley into a pan, cover with chicken stock so it is 1 inch above the barley. Add the garlic and thyme. Cook until soft, then remove the garlic and thyme.

Chill down in the stock. To reheat the barley, use the stock it is cooked in. Season to taste.

To assemble, place the coriander emulsion in dots around the plate, heat up the pearl barley and place in the middle of the plate. Place the hot caramelised onion to the side of the barley and cod on top. Dress with the mango sauce, top the cod with the mango salsa and garnish with coriander cress.

Chef’s Tip

To enjoy an extra special taste, try the dish as served at Down Hall with home-smoked mussels.

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