6 of the best gin cocktails for summer

A cocktail glass with ice in.

Use the Plymouth Gin range as the basis for some classic cocktails. - Credit: Plymouth Gin Distillery

With restrictions easing and warmer weather around the corner, most of us are looking forward to summer celebrations with families and friends. And what could be better than a garden party with a cocktail or two? 

We’ve teamed up with expert mixologists from Plymouth Gin Distillery to bring you some of our favourite (and easiest!) gin cocktails that you can make at home.  

A bottle of Plymouth Gin and a cocktail in a glass.

The Plymouth Gimlet is an iconic Plymouth Gin-based drink. - Credit: Plymouth Gin Distillery

Plymouth Gimlet 

First enjoyed by officers on board the Royal Navy ships in the late 1800s, the lime juice was supposedly added to their Plymouth Gin ration as a way of administering Vitamin C to aid scurvy. In recent times this cocktail has become increasingly popular and makes for a wonderful summer drink. It’s an iconic Plymouth Gin-based drink that deserves to be enjoyed by all. 

45ml Plymouth Gin Navy Strength 

20 fresh lime juice 

10ml sugar syrup 

Shake all ingredients before fine straining into a rocks glass (tumbler) over ice. Garnish with a lime wheel. Alternatively fine strain into a Martini glass or as we like to use, a Nick and Nora.  

A blue glug jug with fruit and leaves coming out of the top.

You can use a glug jug to mix your ingredients. - Credit: Plymouth Gin Distillery

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Gin Pennant 

The Gin Pennant is a perfect fruity cocktail to enjoy with friends. You can also make a pre-batch very quickly and easily. 

70ml Gin Pennant pre-batch (instructions below) 

10ml fresh lemon juice 

10ml fresh orange juice 

5ml sugar syrup (2:1 - 2 parts sugar, 1 part water) 

75ml soda 

Pour the above ingredients into a glug jug or tall glass filled with ice. Stir, top with soda and garnish with a slice of lemon, a twist of orange and a sprig of mint.  

To make the Gin Pennant pre-batch: 

Mix 350ml Plymouth Gin Original with 150ml Plymouth Sloe Gin, 150ml Sweet Vermouth (we use Antica Formula) and 50ml Apricot Liqueur - this pre-batch is enough to make ten cocktails. Keep the pre-batch bottled and refrigerated.  

A Plymouth Gin bottle and a bottle of pink aromatic tonic.

A Gin and Aromatic Tonic is a refreshing twist on a classic G&T. - Credit: Plymouth Gin Distillery

Gin and Aromatic Tonic 

A refreshing twist on a classic G&T. If you don’t have Aromatic Tonic to hand use a regular tonic with a dash of Angostura bitters. 

25ml Plymouth Navy Gin 

125ml Aromatic Tonic 

Fill a tall glass with ice, pour in a measure of Plymouth Navy gin and top with Aromatic Tonic, give a gentle stir and garnish with a slice of lemon or orange (or both).  

A bottle of Plymouth Sloe Gin.

Sloe Gin is good when used in a summer cocktail recipe. - Credit: Plymouth Gin Distillery

Sloe Gin Fizz 

Most people associate Sloe Gin as being a winter tipple but it can be enjoyed all year round, especially as a long refreshing cocktail such as the Sloe Gin Fizz. 

50ml Plymouth Sloe Gin 

25ml fresh lemon juice 

12.5ml sugar syrup (2:1) 

40ml soda  

Pour all the ingredients, except the soda water, into a shaker, shake well before fine straining (through a sieve to remove lumps of ice) into a tall glass filled with ice. Top with soda and garnish with a slice of lemon.

A bottle of Plymouth Gin and a cocktail.

The 10:1 Dry Martini is a classic cocktail that is short, strong and complex. - Credit: Plymouth Gin Distillery

10:1 Dry Martini 

A classic cocktail that is short, strong and complex. You can garnish yours with a twist of lemon to highlight citrus botanicals. 

50ml Plymouth Gin 

5ml  Dolin Dry Vermouth 

Stir ingredients with ice and strain into chilled Martini glass - we use a ‘Nick and Nora’. Garnish with a twist of lemon.  

A bottle of Plymouth Fruit Cup alongside a glass of ginger ale and ice.

Plymouth Fruit Cup & Ginger Ale is a quintessentially summery drink. - Credit: Plymouth Gin Distillery

Plymouth Fruit Cup & Ginger Ale 

A quintessentially summery drink which brings together the rich fruit flavours of Plymouth Fruit Cup with the spicy elements of ginger and is topped off perfectly with refreshing notes of citrus, cucumber and mint as well as the sweeter notes of the summer fruits. 

50ml Plymouth Fruit Cup 

150ml ginger ale 

 Pour Plymouth Fruit Cup into a large balloon glass, filled with ice, top up with ginger ale, garnish with a sprig of mint, a slice of cucumber, citrus and summer fruits. Gently stir and enjoy.