Breaded Pheasant Nuggets recipe

Pheasant nuggets are served

Pheasant nuggets are served - Credit: Archant

A quick feast for all the family

Serves 4


4 breasts of pheasant

2 tbsp olive oil

50g salted butter

2 eggs beaten

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4 tbsp plain flour

50g fresh breadcrumbs


Cut meat into chunky nuggets (about six for each breast).

Lightly season the chunks of pheasant with salt and pepper.

Place nuggets in flour and cover thoroughly.

Shake off excess flour and place nuggets in beaten egg. Cover thoroughly.

Dip nuggets into breadcrumbs making sure to cover thoroughly.

Pour two tablespoons of olive oil in frying pan. Note: Don’t allow the pan to become too hot or the nuggets will burn and may not be cooked through.

Turn the nuggets after about a minute and a half.

Add 50g of butter to the pan which will start to foam. It will give the nuggets a lovely golden colour and add flavour. Don’t add the butter too soon or it will burn.

Check the meat is cooked through and then turn nuggets on to kitchen paper to drain off excess oil and butter and then serve.

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