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Rice Pudding & stewed winter fruits recipe provided by The Bells of Peover

Rice Pudding & stewed winter fruits

For the rice pudding

Ingredients300ml whole milk & 300ml double cream50g caster sugar & 1 vanilla pod100g Arborio rice

MethodBoil milk, cream & sugar and add rice to the boiling liquid. Add vanilla pod and cover with a cartouche and cook at 150� in the oven for 40min.

For the stewed winter fruit

313g of caster sugar & 250ml of waterUnripe winter fruits, pears, apples, plums, figs.

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MethodBring the sugar and water to boil to dissolve the sugar.

Once dissolved and turned into syrup like consistency add the unripe fruit of your choice (has to be unripe) and poach gently in the stock syrup until becoming soft.

To add flavour you can put in star anise, cinnamon stick or vanilla pod together with fruit. Portion the rice into bowls, add the stewed fruit on top and drizzle some of the syrup over it.

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