How to create the ultimate Cheddar Gorge cheese on toast

An array of different cheeses lie side by side. Around them are other foods such as salami, olives, and crackers.

The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company are the only cheese makers in the village of Cheddar. - Credit: Belinda Pennington

The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company have revealed the most delicious options for toppings on cheese on toast

Last year, unsurprisingly, UK homes consumed a huge amount of cheese. In fact, sales were up by 48% on 2019 and a survey suggested the 'King of Snacks' in 2020 was the humble cheese on toast. Everyone has their own way of making cheese on toast. Butter the outside, toast the bread before adding cheese, a layer of chutney, you name it someone has done it. But how about the most important aspect: what cheese do you use?

Enter The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company, a small family run team who have been bringing the nation delicious treats for almost two decades. They boast both national and international accolades, using fresh local unpasteurised milk to create traditional cheddar cheese in its village namesake. They have decided to share with the world just how different cheeses will bring different qualities to your snack or supper.

Vintage cheddar

First up in everybody's favourite: classic cheddar. The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company's version is perfect for some home comfort curled up in front of the TV. 

"[Aged] between 24 and 28 months... this award winning authentic cheddar is the ultimate cheese for making Cheese on Toast. Good melting qualities with a distinctive strong flavour - “like cheddar used to taste”. This is a classic traditional cheddar cheese; hard in texture and with a rind – perfect for grating."

A row of different cheddar wedges. The front and in focus piece is labelled Vintage.

Just like cheddar used to taste - Credit: Belinda Pennington

Mellow cheddar

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For some people, stronger cheddars can be a bit overpowering, particularly if you were just looking for a light snack between meals. Don't worry, The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company have you covered. Their Mellow Cheddar was a gold medal winner at the 2019 Global Cheese Awards. 

"It’s a great choice for those with a more gentle palate! Cheese on Toast made with this younger cheddar results in plenty of character, yet the more creamy texture, results in a more runny ‘grilled’ finished product. Undoubtedly a traditional cheddar, through and through, it is stronger and more vibrant than the everyday mild cheddars available in most supermarkets."

Cheddar with tomato and red onion

Sometimes you just fancy something different, then why not try a flavoured cheddar. The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company recommend a tomato and red onion cheddar to take your toastie to the next level. You could easily adapt this into a Welsh Rarebit too if you have some time.

"This full of flavoured cheddar is the go to. It’s gentle, tasty, yet mellow, leaving the flavours to develop on the tongue and last. The classic combination of red kibbled onion complements the sweet tomatoes beautifully; each bringing out the best in each other. Even more delicious grilled, on a slice of crispy toast."

You can purchase any of these options and more from their website, from their shop in Cheddar, or from many specialist cheese shops across the country. If you fancy a day of cheese, their Taster Bar is also open again and the visitor centre will open again on May 18th.

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