How to brew the perfect cup of coffee at home

Espresso coffee from Due Fratelli specialist coffee creators in Suffolk

You don’t need specialist knowledge or equipment to make fantastic, indulgent coffee. - Credit: Due Fratelli

A coffee specialist’s guide to how you can make stunning, barista-perfect coffee from the comfort of your kitchen.

Jason Salter from Due Fratelli, speciality coffee roasters in Suffolk, shares his top tricks and tips to help you make sensational coffee at home:

Step 1: Select the ideal coffee beans

You don’t need specialist knowledge or equipment to make fantastic, indulgent coffee. Start by picking a single-origin coffee to try – this will help you learn the flavour profiles from regions all over the world. 

Explore Brazil, with our Bom Jesus Arabica. It’s a full-bodied coffee with hints of toffee and praline, delicately balanced with sweet hints of berry. Jet across the ocean to Cameroon and try our Cameroon Boyo Arabica, a medium roast, combining salted caramel, chocolate, and red berry.

Settle in the hills of Guatemala with our Guatemalan Bojangles Arabica, which has the deep, smoky taste of ripe plums, blanched almonds, and dark chocolate.

Once you understand more about single-origin coffees, it’s easy to find a speciality blend you love. A coffee blend is made from beans originating from several places. We’ve specially crafted each one to offer you a balance of delicious flavours.

Our Blue Mountain blend is easy to drink, with roasted nutty overtones, sweet hints of red berry, and herby aroma for a clean, refreshing finish. Our award-winning, quality Buonissimo blend reflects the sweet, nutty scents of fine Italian coffee, mixed with rich chocolate and fruit flavours.

We have over 50 unique blends and specialty coffees for you to choose from. Request a sample to try them for yourself.

Step 2: Pick the right bean grind

Due Fratelli in Suffolk Blue Mountain coffee blend

'Our Blue Mountain blend is easy to drink, with nutty overtones, sweet hints of red berry, and herby aroma for a clean, refreshing finish.' - Credit: Due Fratelli

The texture and size of your grind will alter the taste of your coffee. If the grind is too fine, your coffee will taste too bitter. Too coarse, and your coffee will taste bland. Choose between espresso, medium-fine, medium-coarse, or whole beans. Alternatively, tell us how you plan to brew your coffee, and we’ll grind it to the best size.

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Step 3: Choose your brewing method

We select coffees that work with most brewing methods, but depending on what brew type you use, this can change the taste of your coffee. Here are some of the most popular methods:

  • Cafetiere – this is the best method for beginners because it’s quick and simple. I recommend using the Blue Mountain blend or Bom Jesus for a cafetiere.
  • Drip-style coffee – this is best used on clean-tasting, fruity coffees like Cameroon Boyo Arabica or light roast Brazilian Terra Pretta. Use a filter coffee machine or V60 for this brewing style.
  • Espresso – Blue Mountain blend and Bom Jesus are well-suited to this brew type. It’s best to invest in a good espresso machine for espresso – we can help you choose the best model for you.
  • Moka pot – this is an Italian-style method of making espresso on the hob. It’s a great way to create espresso-style coffee if you don’t want to invest in any equipment. Milanese-style coffee, Sforza, is the perfect blend to use with this method.

Step 4: Get your coffee-to-water ratio just right

Cafetiere coffee from Due Fratelli specialist coffee creators in Suffolk

Cafetiere is one of the best brew methods for beginners because it’s quick and simple. Try using Brazilian Bom Jesus Arabica for a great cafetiere coffee. - Credit: Due Fratelli

Use 60g of coffee to one litre of water, to begin with – that’s 7g of coffee per cup. For stronger coffee, add in a little more and always use filtered water for a better taste.

Step 5: Brew for the correct time, then enjoy

Brew the coffee for four minutes in a cafetiere and in a drip system, five minutes is best. For espresso, brew for 20-30 seconds. Experiment with timings to create your preferred taste, then sit back and enjoy.

How can Due Fratelli help you make the perfect coffee at home?

Coffee machine from Due Fratelli specialist coffee creators in Suffolk

'We can help you find the perfect espresso machine that you need to recreate an exceptional cafe experience at home.' - Credit: Due Fratelli

We have the passion, enthusiasm, and expertise to help you recreate an exceptional café experience without needing to leave your house. We can advise which coffee and equipment is best for you.

Our coffee is expertly crafted using unique roasting methods and techniques for high-quality taste. We’re a local, family-run, and owned company. Due Fratelli in Italian means ‘two brothers.’ We picked the name because to us, nothing is more important than family.

The company was started in 1979 by our father and we’ve continued the ethos and enthusiasm for great coffee and excellent customer service.

Visit to explore their range of drinks, accessories, and coffee machines.   

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