Valentine’s Day recipe - Hot chocolate pudding, liquorice and coffee

Chef, Matt Worswick, and chocolate dessert at Thornton Hall Hotel

Chef, Matt Worswick, and chocolate dessert at Thornton Hall Hotel - Credit: Archant

Our new columnist Matt Worswick, exective head chef at the Wirral’s Thornton Hall Hotel and Spa has all the ingredients for Valentine’s Day success

Chef, Matt Worswick, and chocolate dessert at Thornton Hall Hotel

Chef, Matt Worswick, and chocolate dessert at Thornton Hall Hotel - Credit: Archant

The definition of aphrodisiacs are a food or drink that simulates sexual desire which is why they usually have a presence on the Valentine menu

Aphrodisiacs heighten the antioxidants in the brain causing pleasurable simulation senses and oysters are perceived to be the front runners in this area however there are a few unlikely contenders as the ‘foods of love’ - almonds, avocados, bananas, garlic and figs to name a few. However, chocolateseems to me to be the most user friendly as it can be tricky to blow yourpartner away with a bowl of almonds and avocados!!

Chocolate has been used for hundreds of years in many forms dating as far back as the Aztecs and has been seen as an aphrodisiac ever since. The great legendary lover Casanova is said to have consumed chocolate to provide energy whilst on the prowl!

Chocolate is given as gifts and used in desserts worldwide on Valentine’s Day and when successfully produced it’s sure to be a show stopper! Here I’ve created a warm chocolate soft centred sponge with coffee soil and liquorice.The centre is rich and gooey and packed full of flavour. This is areally rich indulgent dessert which is very achievable with minimal effort.

The coffee and liquorice works incredibly well with the dark chocolate of the sponge and the roasted flavour of the coffee. Chocolate gives a warm and unique feeling when eaten and is very effective especially when shared!

By following the instructions literally I’m sure and amateur cook can master this classic dessert and wow any alluring dinner guests!

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Hot chocolate pudding, liquorice and coffee

Chocolate Pudding


270g butter

250g dark chocolate

280g caster sugar

9 eggs

135g plain flour


1. Melt the butter and chocolate in a plastic bowl in the microwave, whisk

eggs, sugar and flour together then combine with the butter and chocolate.

2.Let the mix set in the fridge then transfer to a piping bag.

3.once chilled pipe approx 150g into a oven proof bowl and bake at 180- for

six minutes, remove then let the bowl cool before serving.

Coffee soil


75g sugar

75g ground almonds

50g plain flour

15g ground coffee

25g coco powder

50g melted butter

3g black ground cardamom


Mix all ingredients until fully incorporated, bake in an oven at 160 degrees

for approx. 15 minutes.

Liquorice and muscavado ice cream


500ml milk

100g muscavado sugar

5 egg yolks

25g milk powder

400ml double cream

5g liquorice ice cream


Warm the milk and cream, whisk the sugar and yolks, then combine, In a

heavy based pan, chill then churn.