A taste of Thailand: Noks Thai Street Food review

Noks Thai Street Food in Bramhall

Noks Thai Street Food brings a taste of Thailand to the heart of Cheshire - Credit: Lost in Cheshire

If anyone was to ask me, what my favourite cuisine is, I would shout with glee, it was Thai. The variety, the freshness and the delicate flavours and spice, win me over every single time. My love for Thai food has developed over the years, and after a trip to Thailand, the love for the food and the country has continued to grow and I could eat it every day (no exaggeration). My lovely friends, Jamie Carter and Richard Dash, founders of food media company, Lost in Cheshire, introduced me to their hidden gem, Noks Thai Street Food in Bramhall, and I was incredibly excited to sample their menu. Formerly known as Chilli Banana Thai Street Food, owners Nok and Steven Blaney, recently went independent and have completely rebranded, with a new name, a condensed menu and whole lot of creativity to really put Thai food on the map in Cheshire.

Completely in my element, I was able to sample a range of dishes and I can honestly say, I was not disappointed. Each place arrived brimming with delicious-smelling dishes, full of vibrant colours and plated to perfection.  

To start with, we shared Thai prawn crackers, Po Pia Pet, (duck spring rolls), Satay Gai (chicken satay), and Gung Pow (grilled king prawns). Each starter was served with a complementary dip that added bursts of flavour to each dish. If I had to choose a favourite, it would have to be the prawns; picture big juicy prawns with a lime, garlic and chilli dipping sauce.  

Noks Thai Street Food Bramhall drunken noodles

Drunken Noodles is the perfect dish for those who like a little bit of spice - Credit: Lost in Cheshire

Next, we tasted a selection of popular Thai mains. We ordered the prawn Pad Thai, which if you love Thai food, will know of this staple dish. The crowd favourite didn’t disappoint and was made of soft noodles, a homemade tamarind sauce and an ample number of prawns. Another popular noodle dish we tasted was Goyteow Pad Kimow, (drunken noodles). This dish is perfect for those who want a little bit of spice. Apparently, Nok’s favourite dish, and I can see why, the rice noodles were topped with chicken, chilli and vegetables, all cooked in a rich and spicy sauce.   

Pad Thai at Noks Thai Street Food

Pad Thai is a crowd favourite - Credit: Lost in Cheshire

The star of the show for me had to be the beef Massaman curry. The sauce was full of flavour and thick, with melt in the mouth pieces of beef and baby potatoes. The sauce paired perfectly with the sticky rice, and every inch was mopped up. Highly recommend! 

Noks Thai Street Food curry

There are variety of dishes to choose from - Credit: Lost in Cheshire

Usually after eating Thai food, I wouldn’t opt for a dessert but when I saw they had Mochi ice cream on the special's menu, I had to try it. These bite-size sweet treats have recently taken social media platform, TikTok, by storm so I had to try them. We each chose a flavour; mango, chocolate and strawberry cheesecake. For someone who loves dessert, they weren’t particularly to my taste; the ice cream was refreshing but the texture wasn’t something I loved. I can see why they are popular but the trendy dessert wasn’t for me. 

An image of Mochi ice cream through iphone

Mochi ice cream is a refreshing bite-size dessert - Credit: Lost in Cheshire

Owner Nok focuses on delivering classic Thai dishes and continues to draw from her heritage with an ever-changing specials board. The service was incredible and the manager, Reece Thomas-Lee, delivered an impeccable service with a lot of knowledge on the cuisine. Top tip: they also allow you to bring in your own drinks and children eat half price!  

This restaurant has become a new favourite and I can’t wait until my next visit and rumour has it, they’ll soon be serving Thai iced tea, which is delicious and a must-try. Book a visit here