Review: Is this the best farm shop in Somerset?

Fruit and veg at Rumwell near Taunton and Wellington

If you haven't already, plan in a visit to this treasure trove filled with food - Credit: Porcupine PR

A thriving farmshop with a fabulous story, serving delicious homecooked, locally-sourced food. This is what I discovered on a family lunch stop recently

It was a warm, sunny day when I visited Rumwell Farmshop and Cafe earlier this month, so the air conditioning was a welcome treat as my family of three adults and a three-year-old sat down at the table in the bustling restaurant, which is attached to the main shop.

I studied the extensive lunch menu and my beady eye spotted local meats chosen by the in-house butcher and Rumwell's very own pickles and chutneys used on the ploughman's and in sandwiches. The menu was just the right size as not be overwhelming but to cater to many tastes.

The aforementioned ploughman's featured Rumwell ham and there was the offer of a burger or lasgane, made from their very own Aberdeen Angus beef.
And, much to the delight of my mother, a roast of the day. There really aren't that many places that will do a lunchtime roast in the week anymore - so she told me.

Children are well catered for here too, with some alternatives to the typical chips and nuggets. Amongst the offerings were a children's roast, which I chose for my daughter, and which was devoured, as well as pitta pizza and a children's ham, egg and chips.

My mother also had the roast of the day of course, which was served with roasties and seasonal veg, whilst my husband and I opted for the pie of the day, which was beef and mushroom. Now, those of you who know us well, know that pie is not an unusual choice for my husband. But it absolutely is for me. I just had a good feeling about this pie.........

And quite right I was too! If my husband had opted for this pie and I hadn't, we would have been faced with some serious food envy. This was the pie to top all pies! Tender cubes of beef that melted in the mouth in a smooth, rich ale gravy, topped with light puff pastry. Puff pastry that I hasten to add was partly half-inched by the mini-me sat next to me! She clearly approved too.

pie at Rumell near Taunton

I opted for the pie - and quite a pie it was too! - Credit: C Skidmore

We opted to have roasties with the pie - such a change from the normal chips and my oh my those roasties were good. Nice and crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside - just as us Skidmores like them!

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They wouldn't have had room for pudding I hear you say! Well, clearly you've never met my husband, mother and daughter, who always have a pocket left just for dessert. Among the highlights on the homemade dessert menu were enormous ice-cream sundaes, Eton mess, passion fruit cheesecake and tiramisu.

Well, it was the Eton mess for my mother and husband and I was told it tasted as spectacular as it looked and for me and mini-me, a slice of the white chocolate and strawberry cake from the homemade cake counter to share. We were spoilt for choice, but quite honestly it was likely a three-year-old girl was going to choose the 'pink cake'.

The surroundings in the restaurant were nice too with high ceilings and lots of light. And, the restaurant was immaculate.

Rumwell has a fascinating story and there is so much more to the meals served at the restaurant than simply supply, cook, eat.
I mentioned the locally-sourced meats on the menu, well the beef and pork comes from the owners' farm, just four miles away. Anne and David Mitchell's son also delivers their pork to around 40 butchers in the area.

Lamb, poultry and game is also locally produced and they even cure their own bacon, make their own burgers and sausages, beef wellingtons, faggots and pork schnitzel.

Quiches are made on-site, as are the cakes, which are created in the recently added bakery.

Chocolate brownies at Rumwell near Taunton and Wellington

The cakes are also made in-house - Credit: Porcupine PR

They sell their own potatoes and eggs and some vegetables even come from an allotment belonging to a member of staff.
I mean this place is incredible; it employs local people, grows and rears many of its own stock and ingredients, has a major focus on local suppliers and is a treasure trove for foodlovers eating in or out.

Its new florist even has a great story to tell. In fact the new florist isn't just a florist - she is a flower farmer. The Rumwell Flower Shed is run by Aizel Finch, from Yalham Hayes Farm, located just a few miles down the road.
This Aladdin's cave of flowers is something not to be by-passed.

The Flower Shed at Rumwell near Taunton and Wellington

Make sure you visit the Flower Shed before you leave - Credit: Porcupine PR

Rumwell we love you! Would I eat there again? Heck yes! And I'll be grabbing some supplies to take home on the way out too!

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