Tomahawk, Stockton Heath

Sirloin steak with beef dripping chips in a pot and beer battered onion rings as a side dish

Sirloin steak with beef dripping chips and beer battered onion rings - Credit: Tomahawk Restaurant Group

If you love steak, you will adore Tomahawk in Stockton Heath 

My husband considers a beautifully cooked steak to be one of life’s necessities, along with red wine, cheese and Manchester United. I am sure I feature somewhere on the list, but haven’t actually risked asking how high. My suggestion that he might enjoy a visit to Tomahawk in Stockton Heath was met with glee, therefore, so off we set on a dank Thursday in February for what turned out to be an extravaganza of meat-based joy, a positive hymn to the glories of the farmyard, a veritable feast from starters to finish.  

A tomahawk steak, sliced, on a wooden board with a selection of sides

Himalayan salt-aged Tomahawk steak with beef dripping chips, bacon & cream peas, glazed mac 'n' cheese, and bone marrow gravy. - Credit: Kevin Gibson Photography Ltd

The weekends start early these days, when so many of us choose WFH Fridays, so we weren’t surprised to arrive at a restaurant already packed full by 7pm, with families and friends and work parties all enjoying and contributing to a buzzy atmosphere. The service was warm and welcoming from the moment we shook the rain from our coats and we were quickly ushered to a table, presented with menus and introduced to our server for the night. A Raspberry Mojito and a glass of red started the ball rolling, while we examined the menus. It was at this point things got tricky for my husband.  

10oz at iron & 4oz of llet, 6oz sirloin & 5oz ribeye, garlic butter prawns, chips and broccoli with chimichurri dressing

The sharing board should satisfy even the most demanding of diners - Credit: Kevin Gibson Photography Ltd

Where to start? The choice of starters is extensive, yes, but this wasn’t his challenge. What really flummoxed him was the number of steak options he could choose from. Tomahawk offers a selection of Himalayan salt-aged steaks from the expected – ribeye, fillet and sirloin – to the less seen – Picanha Rump, Porterhouse, Chateaubriand, and of course, the Tomahawk itself, a whopping 36oz on the bone ribeye. Then there’s the waygu options – rump, sirloin, ribeye and fillet. All in all it’s a stress-inducing selection for the serious carnivore. Having failed to talk me into the sharing platter (10oz flat iron, 4oz of fillet, 6oz sirloin & 5oz ribeye, all sliced and served with a choice of four sides and garlic butter prawns) he eventually plumped for the Porterhouse (a huge steak that has sirloin and fillet either side of the bone) as it was a first for him. I have to confess at this point, I am not a huge fan of steak; it’s rather wasted on me, so I opted for the Chicken Parmesan, a breaded chicken breast draped with bechamel sauce and cheddar cheese. But first – starters. 

Soft & sticky pork served with Chinese style noodles accompanied by a sweet Asian soy dipping sauce.

Slow cooked Chinese pork belly, a sweet and sticky slice of heaven - Credit: Kevin Gibson Photography Ltd

The choices available are largely pan-Asian, from Duck Pancakes to Crispy Squid, but take in a quick circuit of other lands too, heading west for Philly Cheese Beef Croquettes, and north for King Scallops with Black Pudding. We opted for the duck pancakes and Slow Cooked Chinese Pork Belly. Both were fabulous – soft and squidgy, utterly moreish and perfectly presented. 

Alongside our main courses we had opted for Parmesan Truffle Fries, Beer Battered Onion Rings (made from the biggest onions you could imagine, possibly onions from space, indeed), Asparagus, Lemon Hollandaise & Almond, Creamy Garlic Mushrooms, and House Hash Browns, made with brisket and cheddar. Alongside his steak Mike chose a Stilton and Smoked Bacon sauce that he had to hang on to for dear life, as it made the best chip dip ever.  

Sirloin steak with beef fat chips and beer battered onion rings

Sirloin steak with beef fat chips and beer battered onion rings - Credit: Tomahawk Restaurant Group

Mike’s steak was cooked to perfection, medium rare as requested, with the slight charring that only comes from a really hot griddle. My chicken was vast (and made next day’s lunch a delight); a soft, saucy, cheesy pleasure, accompanied by a leafy salad drizzled in a dressing that cut nicely through the creaminess of the chicken. The sides were a wonder, though we definitely didn’t need them all – portion sizes are very generous. 

Breaded chicken breast, béchamel & mature cheddar, served with beef dripping chips, salad & garlic mayo

The Chicken Parmesan is a generous plate of delicious - Credit: Tomahawk Restaurant Group

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We finished with a Limoncello Panna Cotta (and two spoon), a palate cleanser I largely ignored in favour of the white choc chip cookie that accompanied it, and two macchiatos.  

All in all it was an experience we shall repeat, next time with friends, and I suspect Mike is already debating his next steak choice, while I debate Sea Bass v Chicken Shawarma...