Sussex-made food storage boxes keep food safer and fresher


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New Sussex-made food storage boxes create an instant vacuum, keeping food safer and fresher for longer

A Sussex-based company is attracting the attention of top restaurateurs and keen home cooks with Pac ‘n Vac, an innovative new food storage system. The sturdy clip-sided boxes incorporate an instant vacuum feature in the lid. You simply put the food in the box, press on the lid as you close it and the food is vacuum sealed.

“Creating a vacuum around food means it can last for up to 8 times longer”, explains Pac ‘n Vac MD.

“But until now, you needed special suction devices or bags. With Pac ‘n Vac boxes, the lid itself creates the vacuum. So it’s a no-fuss, gadget free solution – and it saves money too.”

According to a Waste and Resources Action Plan (WRAP) report, the UK is throwing away 4.2 million tonnes of avoidable household food and drink waste annually; the equivalent of six meals every week for the average UK household. The ‘avoidable’ is crucial: this is food that could be consumed but isn’t. In fact it is estimated that by simply making the most of the food they have already purchased, families with children could save around £60 a month.

So how do Pac ‘n Vac food boxes work and exactly how do they save money?

While food storage boxes have evolved from simple plastic boxes to sealed polythene boxes and later clip-sided systems, Pac ‘n Vac represents a huge step forward in food hygiene and storage. With specially designed lids that create a vacuum inside as you close the box, Pac ‘n Vac removes the majority of food-damaging microbes instantly. The contents go on looking and tasting perfect for up to 8 times longer and are safer for you and your family.

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The result: less food wasted, fewer trips to the supermarket and savings all round – on your weekly supermarket bill, on fuel or fares to get there and time spent shopping.

And that’s not all. Since Pac ‘n Vac food storage boxes are freezer, microwave and dishwasher-safe, you can freeze, defrost, prepare and heat food all in the one container – no need for separate bags or bowls – and put them straight in the dishwasher.

Fact file

• Where made: Pac ‘n Vac vacuum food storage boxes are manufactured in Partridge Green, West Sussex.

• Best for: storing all kinds of fresh and cooked foods including salad, soft fruit, fresh chicken, meat, fish, vegetables, leftovers or food prepared in advance.

• Key benefit: Keeping food in peak condition for up to 8 times longer, saving you around £60 a month – paying for themselves several times over in their first year.

• Used by: Everyone who prepares food at home or professionally including parents, home bakers, restaurateurs, caterers, cafes, sandwich bars and food demonstrators.

• Where to buy: Buy direct at or call free on 0800 612 6048. Free delivery on orders over £30.

How Pac ‘n Vac’s instant vacuum keeps means safer food

Keeping food refrigerated and out of the light preserves its freshness and safety. Pac ‘n Vac adds an additional food-preserving factor by reducing the amount of oxygen in the air around the foodstuff. This reduction in atmospheric air inhibits the growth of the organisms that spoil food. When boxes of foodstuffs were tested at Public Health England’s laboratories, it was found that the growth in bacterial colony count was substantially slower in foods stored in Pac ‘n Vac boxes.

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