The Cart Shed, Epping


WEL JAN 17 GASTRO CART SHED - Credit: Archant

William Alldis founder and chef of The Cart Shed in Epping shares his newest home grown recipe to grace tables at his restaurant


WEL JAN 17 GASTRO CART SHED - Credit: Archant

The Cart Shed are the first commercial breeders of squab pigeons in the UK for several decades and are very proud to be producing this delicacy at home on the farm.

Apple glazed squab pigeon served with confit duck, potato spring onion and apple hash

Serves 4 people


• Apple jelly

(The Cart Shed use their own

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home made mild chilly

and apple jelly available from the

farm shop)

• 2 Squab pigeons (available from

good butchers imported from

France and soon The Cart Shed)

• 2 Gressingham duck Llgs

• 300g Charlott potato

• 300g Crispin apple

(Bramley will do)

• 1/2 a bunch of spring onions

• Maldon Salt

• Dried mixed herbs

• 500g duck or goose fat

• Salt and pepper to season

• Cherry vin tomatoes


• (Perfect confit duck) take your four duck legs and salt with a liberal amount but not too much. Add Malden salt and a good covering of dried mixed herbs pack tightly in a tupperware and place in the fridge for around three to four hours, but over night would be fine.

• Next melt the duck fat in a saucepan do not get too hot about 100c. Then take your duck legs wash off any excess salt and herbs and place in the melted duck fat.

• Then place the saucepan in an oven at 130c for about 3 hours until the duck falls off of the bone drain the duck legs and allow to cool.

• Next the pigeon. Halve the pigeons with a large cook’s knife. Season with a little salt and pepper and pan fry the pigeons skin side down in a little vegetable oil for about three mins then place skin side up and baste with apple jelly and along with the cherry tomatoes place in a pre hearted oven at 230c for around 10 mins or until the bird is just firm to the touch then remove from the oven bast again with jelly and allow to rest for 10 mins.

• During the cooking and resting of your pigeon- take your finally chopped apple spring onion and potatoes along with the shredded cold meat from your confit duck legs and fry in the pan juices and oil from the pigeon do not allow to sit for too long or it will burn and be bitter. Once the potato is soft and should have started to slightly caramelise plate up your dish and enjoy.