The fine foodie: a Welwyn firm’s fun and funky presentation

JSD Products' coconut bowls

JSD Products' coconut bowls - Credit: Archant

From small pips great ideas grow... Sharon Struckman finds a Welwyn GC business that is providing unusual and fun ways of presenting food

JSD Products' Bamboo skewer

JSD Products' Bamboo skewer - Credit: Archant

All food outlets, whether they are five-star hotels, cheesemongers or a farmers’ market stallholders, needs specialist equipment to serve their food and one woman who has taken this need and made it an art form is entrepreneur Suzy Malkan, owner of JSD Products based in Welwyn Garden City.

She started the company in 1998 in the front room of her home after a business idea had come to her while dining out in London one evening. Along with her fish dish, she noted a simple but effective idea – a piece of fabric wrapped around the segment of lemon to hold the pips in when squeezed over her meal. After hours and hours of research into the idea, she started selling ready-cut muslin lemon wraps to restaurants.

Once she was established, the chefs she supplied started asking her for other food-related items. Malkan began sourcing unusual products that can’t be found with the usual large distributors of catering disposables but which add style to food presentation.

Favourites include items such as handmade bamboo skewers (right), palm leaf plates, coconut bowls (below), miniature containers and wooden lunch boxes. As the demand grew, she focused on sourcing environmentally friendly items that are bio-degradable and 100 per cent natural.

Malkan now supplies top restaurants, pubs and caterers in the UK, Europe and world wide. The old saying is ‘great oaks from small acorns grow’. In Malkan’s case, JSD Products owes its birth to a few lemon pips.

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