The fine foodie celebrates British Pie Week

This Little Piggy pork pie

This Little Piggy pork pie - Credit: Archant

Sharon Struckman celebrates British Pie Week with that great classic – the pork pie

Last week was British Pie Week (March 3 to 9) and to celebrate this tasty event, I went on a quest to find Herts’ perfect pork pie. I was looking for a pastry that would persuade my taste buds that it’s made in the traditional way, with a rich flavour, texture and appearance. To my delight, I discovered the most mouth-watering pork pies at a farmers’ market one Sunday morning.

These tasty morsels were made by This Little Piggy – a family-run business in Rushden – whose pigs enjoy a free-range lifestyle. The pies are homemade by Ellen Manchester with seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients. Without a doubt, This Little Piggy’s offerings are among the tastiest pork pies I have ever had the pleasure of devouring.

While doing research on this British favourite, I came across a system for making a perfect pie called The Seven Cs. It grades the colour, consistency, capacity, chewiness, cost, content and condition. This Little Piggy’s pies scored seven out of seven on my sheet – a rich, caramel-golden-brown melt-in-the-mouth pastry, with perfect consistency, tenderness, taste and presentation.

Pie lovers will be delighted to learn that in addition to traditional pork pies, Ellen makes her own creations, including a Welsh dragon pork pie, black pudding pear pork pie and my favourite, chorizo pork pie. She also makes exceptional sausages rolls and Scotch eggs using traditional, as well as unusual, ingredients in her well-equipped kitchen.

You can find Ellen at farmers’ markets around the county. See – Sharon Struckman is a food blogger and photographer at

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