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Nikki Walsh

Nikki Walsh - Credit: Archant

Nikki Baskin-Walsh, from Loughton’s Baskin Walsh, charted certified accountants, shares an insight into her dining delights, including a Massaman curry, a business meeting must-have and how she nearly ate a kangaroo pizza!

What are your favourite places in West Essex for…


Name of restaurant/café: Molens

Location: Loughton

Favourite dish? Molens special chicken escalope in a bap

Who would you take? My partner and daughter

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What makes this place perfect for a much-deserved break? The friendly staff, great food and reasonable prices – so pleased that they have doubled their size now, so it’s easier to get a table at lunchtime


Name of restaurant: Queens Rooms

Location: Buckhurst Hill

Favourite dish? Club Sandwich

Who would you take? The girls

What makes this the ideal venue for a midday catch-up? It is a quirky little café, which is well-decorated and very cosy. They serve great food, good sized portions and a well-stocked wine list!


Name of restaurant: The Vic

Location: Loughton

Favourite dish? Ham, egg and chips

Who would you take? Family and friends

Why is this your choice for the whole family? It has a lovely sunny garden, which is quite rare in Loughton, great for kids to enjoy and they serve proper pub food for all the family!


Name of restaurant: Saay Tharn

Location: Loughton

Favourite dish? Massaman curry

Who would you take? A client who needs some straightforward business advice

What makes this venue a deal clincher? Quiet setting, delicious Thai food and private enough for a business meeting


Name of restaurant: The Olive Tree

Location: Loughton

Favourite dish? Chicken souvlaki or steak

Who would you take? Perfect for a romantic meal with my other half or a night of dancing and cocktails with the girls

Why is this venue perfect for parties or special occasions? It’s more than just a meal at the Olive Tree. The atmosphere is always amazing, friendly staff, great food and the live music makes for a fantastic night!


What’s your food heaven? A good home cooked meal – can’t beat fresh food.

… and hell? Fish – I can’t stand it!

What’s the strangest thing you’ve eaten? I almost ate kangaroo on a pizza in France once – until I found out what it was!

Wine, Pimm’s or champagne? Pimms because it’s a summery drink and I love the fruit in it.

What’s your favourite cookery show/book? Anything Jamie Oliver – I love his simple style of cooking and his recipes are always tasty.

What must-have is always in your fridge? Chocolate – we always have a little stash hidden away in the fridge!

Ice cream or sorbet? (Flavour preference?)lemon sorbet.

Barbeque must-have? Marinated chicken kebab – although I would always cook it in the oven a bit first, as I’m too afraid of undercooking it.


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