Whitby Sea Fish - The pride of Yorkshire's fishing heritage

Talk to anyone in the town and you see and hear a pride for Whitby's Fishing Heritage and a passion for it to continue

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There has been much publicity over the past year, concerning the future of the Fish Quay in Whitby and the declining number of boats that land their catches here.  Since the announcement by Alliance Fish Whitby, that they are to cease trading on May 27th 2011, there have been rumours flying around relentlessly, as to the future of the fishing Industry in the town.  We, as with many others are certain that there will be a future, and it will be bright and fishy!!

If we can all work together, from the boats to the processors, to the restaurants and hotels etc, and all the people who, one way or another are affected by the tourism created off the back of Whitby’s fishing industry, there is no reason why we can’t continue to flourish as a highly regarded seaside destination with a small but successful Fish Market. 

With the very recent announcement that ‘discards’ are finally to be banned, there is real potential for quality, variety and consistency in the landings at Whitby, even if it is for just a few boats. 

Talk to anyone in the town and you see and hear a pride for Whitby’s Fishing Heritage and a passion for it to continue.  With this collective pride and passion, I look forward to everyone working together to promote Whitby positively.  Producing our own Smoked Salmon, Haddock, Kippers, and our quickly-becoming-famous- Oak Roast Salmon, has been received so well by local establishments, the support really is amazing.

We can all play a part in supporting the Fish Quay and the producers, whether you source fish for your restaurant, for at home, or from the Chippie, demand can fuel supply!  If you want to know where your fish comes from, ask.  Some establishments are amazingly committed to supporting Whitby’s Fish Quay and would be more than happy to tell you it came from Whitby, sometimes even the boats name!

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We will always tell you where our fish has come from at our factory shop and usually the name of the Skipper that landed it.  We even send out emails to let you know what has been landed and what we’ve bought when there has been a market that day.  We can be followed on Facebook (just look for Whitby Seafish Ltd) and Twitter (@whitbyseafish), with pictures and updates on the amazing fish that we get at Whitby and direct from the fishermen in Staithes.

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