York Minster recreated in Wensleydale Cheese

York Minster – a big cheese in more ways than one

York Minster – a big cheese in more ways than one - Credit: Archant

York landmark tops twitter poll of favourite Yorkshire monuments


We all know the moon is made of cheese. That’s a given. But did you know that one of Yorkshire’s most iconic buildings is made of Wensleydale?

As a fantastically crackers way of celebrating the county, Asda decided to recreate York Minster – the largest Gothic cathedral in Europe – using cheese (why someone hadn’t thought of it before is, frankly, beyond us).

First, the Yorkshire supermarket chain conducted a Twitter poll to discover what was Yorkshire’s favourite landmark. No prizes for guessing what won with 42 per cent of votes cast. (interesting to see the house in the middle of the M62 a close second).

Then the Asda team commissioned food artist Prudence Staite to carve, craft and sculpt the cathedral in solid cheese. More specifically 75kg of Yorkshire’s finest Wensleydale.

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